Teeth Cleaning in Spring and Richmond, TX, 77388

At our Spring and Richmond, TX dental office, we believe that routine teeth cleanings are an essential part to healthy smiles for our patients. For this reason, Charm Dental recommends that our patients schedule routine bi-annual dental cleanings with our office. For patients with a history of gingivitis, cavities or infection, we may recommend more frequent cleanings to maintain and treat the condition. Contact us today for your teeth cleaning in Spring and Richmond, TX, 77388!

Routine Dental Cleaning in Spring and Richmond, TX

Interested in a teeth cleaning in Spring and Richmond, TX? Although at home dental care such as brushing and flossing can be an essential part of optimal oral health, patients often miss certain areas of their mouth. Using specialized tools and training, we can reach problem areas you miss that may harbor debris, bacteria, plaque, and tartar. By cleaning these areas you may miss, we can reduce your chances of tooth decay, cavities, infections and even periodontal gum disease. Routine teeth cleanings can also help with bad breath by eliminating debris bacteria feed off of.

Deep Teeth Cleaning in Spring and Richmond, TX, 77388 for Gum Disease

Think you may need a deep teeth cleaning in Spring and Richmond, TX? For patients that suffer from gingivitis, gum disease or infected/inflamed gums, we may recommend a deep cleaning. Using specialized tools, we provide scaling and root planing, where we remove stubborn tartar, plaque, debris, and infection. This will allow gums to reattach and heal properly along with maintaining your condition and preventing it from progressing further.

At your appointment, you will receive a full examination of your teeth, gums and overall oral health; we will also use state-of-the-art technology to take digital images to evaluate your oral health further. If any problems are spotted, we can discuss treatment options at the time of your appointment.

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