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Mar,01 2020

Should I Have My Dentist Extract My Wisdom Teeth?

A lot of people don’t see the need to extract their wisdom teeth. They feel like they can leave them to go grow just like other teeth. Well, that is possible. However, it requires you have a jaw big enough to accommodate all your teeth. If you don’t, then they have to be removed. This…

Feb,04 2020

Valentine’s Day Special

BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE ZOOM! Whitening* Having a healthy, white smile is high on everyone’s priority list every day of the year, but we have a special for you this Valentine’s Day that is sure to make your heart beat faster and your smile shine brighter! When you purchase one ZOOM! Teeth Whitening treatment…

Feb,01 2020

Why Should You Consider Having Your Teeth Whitened?

Many reasons exist for having your teeth whitened. You may not have brilliantly white teeth or your teeth may have discolored because of aging. The discoloration could be a result of having foods and beverages like blackcurrant, red wine, coffee, and tea or foods with dyes. Smoking can also lead to the discoloration that you…