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Sep,01 2020

What You Need to Know on Tooth Extraction

Teeth help us to smile, speak, and eat food. Despite their importance, at times, it’s inevitable to undergo a tooth extraction. Are you due for one? Read through to know more about teeth extraction in Richmond, TX. We Only Do Tooth Extraction When Needed Your permanent teeth are supposed to last for a lifetime. Our…

Aug,01 2020

Wisdom Tooth Extraction 101: A Comprehensive Guide About Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth usually develop when one is an adult, and in most cases, it is recommended that they should be extracted. Many questions surround the wisdom teeth topic, and in this article, we will try to answer most questions about this dental procedure. Why Is It Necessary to Extract Wisdom Teeth? Well, it is not…

Jul,13 2020

Pediatric Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them as A Parent

The first stage of dental emergencies occurrence in children is when they start exploring their environment between the age of 18-40 months. The other time is during their adolescence period. We at Charm dental we will be ready to help you with the following dental emergencies in Richmond. Cracked Crown The crown is the outermost…