Restorative Dentistry in Spring and Richmond, TX

Did you know that decay, disease and dental trauma can not only diminish the appearance of your smile but can also compromise functionality, contribute to health complications and lessen quality of life? At Charm Dental in Spring and Richmond, TX we are dedicated to restoring smiles and improving overall oral health. We aim to bring back a smile that has changed over time due to wear and tear, decay, disease, and trauma. Some of our preventative dental services include:

Tooth-colored Fillings

For patients with decay and cavities, our tooth-colored fillings can be a great option for restoring the appearance of your teeth while protecting them from future damage.

Dental Crowns

For patients with severe decay, damage or discoloration, dental crowns can restore the appearance of your teeth while protecting the teeth from any future damage.

Dental Bridges

For patients that are missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge can be used to restore functionality and appearance of your smile. We offer both permanent and removable bridges depending on patient preference.


For patients that are missing entire arches of teeth or suffer from extreme decay and need extractions, dentures can restore the appearance and function of your smile.

Dental Implants

For patients with many missing teeth that are looking for a permanent solution, dental implants can help restore functionality of your smile and improve its appearance.

At our Spring and Richmond dental office, we are proud to use the best and latest technology and materials available in dentistry. Our tools allow us to give you a natural, beautiful, healthy looking smile while maintaining as much of your original smile as possible.

Other Services

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