Dental Crowns & Bridges in Spring and Richmond, TX

Does your smile suffer from chipped, decayed, damaged or missing teeth? Looking for a dental solution that can improve the functionality and appearance of your smile? At Charm Dental in Spring and Richmond, TX, we offer dental crowns and bridges for patients that are looking to improve their smile.

Dental Crowns Spring and Richmond, TX, 77388

Think you may benefit from dental crowns in Spring and Richmond, TX? For patients with decay, damage, or discoloration to one or multiple teeth, dental crowns can be a great solution. A tooth crown is a cap that can be created using various materials depending upon the client’s preferences. At Charm Dental, we offer porcelain crowns, zirconia crowns, and even metal crowns. We can match your crown to your natural tooth so that it blends with your existing smile.

Fixed Dental Bridge Spring and Richmond, TX, 77388

Searching for a dental bridge in Spring and Richmond, TX? For patients that want a more secure and stable option for their missing teeth, a fixed dental bridge from our Spring and Richmond, TX office is a perfect option. They can be used to replace one or more missing teeth but must be supported by either natural teeth or dental implants. The bridge will then be attached to the adjacent teeth to provide support and stability, improving the appearance and functionality of your smile.

Removable Dental Bridge Spring and Richmond, TX

Interested in a removable dental bridge in Spring and Richmond, TX?For patients that don’t want a permanent bridge, our removable dental bridges can be a great option. Just like a fixed bridge, a removable bridge can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Adjacent natural teeth or dental implants must also be present for the removable bridge to be attached to.

Both dental crowns and bridges typically take two appointments to complete. The first appointment will be used to evaluate your condition and discuss treatment. At the second appointment, your new crown or bridge will be complete and placed into your mouth. Once we check to make sure everything looks and feels good, you will be ready to show off your new smile.

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