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Searching for a cosmetic dentist in Spring and Richmond, TX? At Charm Dental our cosmetic dentists understand how important the appearance of your smile can be and are dedicated to providing our patients with smiles they can be proud of. Often, years of wear and tear can leave our smile looking a bit dull. However, with our cosmetic dentistry services in Spring and Richmond, TX, you can achieve the smile of your dreams. Contact our Spring and Richmond cosmetic dentist today for your appointment!

Teeth Whitening

For most adults, teeth discoloration is a common thing. From coffee and cigarettes to wine and soda, a lot of American’s favorite things can have a big impact on the color of your smile. With our in-office teeth whitening treatments, you can achieve a whiter, brighter smile in just one visit.

Cosmetic Veneers

For patients with chips, cracks, stains or alignment issues, cosmetic veneers can be an excellent option for an affordable, comfortable and quick dental solution. Using state-of-the-art technology digital images will be used to create thin shells that will be placed over your existing teeth, concealing any flaws you may be worried about.

Dental Crowns

Tooth crowns can be a great option for patients that suffer from chips, cracks, discoloration, and decay. Using a tooth-colored material, a cap is made to be placed over the affected teeth, concealing the flaws and damage.

Dental Implants

For patients with extremely decayed or missing teeth, dental implants can be a permanent solution. Using titanium posts as artificial roots that are attached to the jawbone and crowns as the artificial tooth, dental implants are extremely stable and natural looking. They can be a great alternative to dentures and bridges.

Looking for a cosmetic dentist in Spring and Richmond, TX? Contact Charm Dental today!

Other Services

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