Will I Be in Pain after Getting a Dental Implant?

Will I Be in Pain after Getting a Dental Implant?

March 1, 2023

Do you have missing teeth and considering getting a dental implant to replace them? You might wonder how much pain you experience after getting a dental implant. This article outlines what is or isn’t normal when the pain from getting a dental implant or discomfort is concerned. Kindly continue reading for more details.

Dental implants require surgery on a part of your body. Surgeries are known for being painful because a medical professional must cut open your body to remove or place devices like pacemakers, bone grafts, or implants. Therefore you can expect to experience some discomfort after undergoing the treatment and not before or during the procedure.

What Is Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implant treatment from the dentist near you is a surgical procedure to insert biocompatible titanium posts representing dental implants deep into your jawbone to replace your missing natural tooth root. The titanium post functions as a placeholder on which a custom-created porcelain dental crown is mounted to function as your artificial tooth. Dental implants and the artificial tooth appear, function, and feel like your natural teeth and remain indistinguishable in your mouth, blending seamlessly with your remaining teeth.

When you consider getting dental implants in Richmond, TX, the dentist creates a customized treatment plan explicitly for you after examining your dental and overall health to ascertain whether you are eligible for dental implants. After assessing your eligibility, the dentist schedules an appointment for implant placement, advising you to quit smoking forever to ensure the success of dental implant placement.

When you arrive for your appointment to have the implant placed, you receive anesthesia in the mouth or the arm if you are anxious about dental procedures. The anesthesia helps block pain impulses from the vacant tooth socket as the dentist cuts your gums and drills deep into your jawbone to place the titanium post. As a result, you experience no pain during dental implant placement or immediately after because the anesthesia requires four to six hours to wear off.

The pain you anticipate after dental implant placement starts after the anesthesia wears off and is expected from the surgical process. You will experience swelling, inflammation, and bruising near the surgical site. You can expect the pain to peak between 48 to 72 hours before starting to subside relatively quickly. However, the discomfort you experience is minor and comfortably managed using painkiller prescriptions provided by the dentist for relief. You can expect to experience a little discomfort for a week after dental implant placement, with tenderness and pain near the surgical site.

After getting dental implants, the cosmetic dentist in Richmond, TX, provides after-care instructions you must follow diligently to ensure you recover quickly without complications. Therefore you must have soft and cold foods, and your mouth will feel normal in about two weeks after your surgery.

Are Dental Implants Safe After Placement?

When you decide on getting dental implants to replace your missing tooth, you select a biocompatible metal that integrates with your body to become part of your mouth. After getting dental implants, you must wait for the titanium post to integrate with your jawbone in an osseointegration process, needing three to six months before you can have your artificial tooth mounted on it.

After fusing with your jawbone, the dental implant provides stable support for your artificial tooth to restore your mouth functionality and aesthetic appearance while remaining safe in your body like other body parts. If cared for appropriately, dental implants stay in your mouth for a lifetime proving as an excellent technique to restore missing teeth permanently. In addition, titanium is considered the safest material for placement in the human body because it doesn’t attract rust or corrosion unless you allow your teeth and the implanted tooth to accumulate dental plaque and cause gum disease to result in implant failure.

After dental implant placement, the Richmond dentist suggests you maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth and getting six monthly dental exams and cleanings. Besides the above, it helps if you resist smoking because it can result in the failure of dental implants. However, the titanium post is not harmful to your body but beneficial because it helps replace a missing tooth helping you restore your eating, speaking, and aesthetics with a long-term replacement solution.

If the concerns of missing teeth haunt your mind, Charm Dental – Richmond provides dental implants to help replace them. Consult them today without fear about the pain from dental implant surgery to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible.

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