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What are the Effects of not Having Your Teeth Cleaned Regularly?

If you have visited the dentist in the last year for a tooth cleaning in Spring, TX, pat yourself on the back. Not many people love dentists, but research shows that those who attend scheduled dental cleaning are generally happy with their smiles. They also have greater odds of avoiding dental infections and tooth decay.

What is The Importance of Tooth Cleaning?

Charm Dental teeth cleanings are essential as they dislodge tartar, stains, and plaque build-up on your teeth that you can’t remove on your own. Specialized dentists use dental tools that you can’t reach yourself, even if you brush and floss daily.

Tour dental hygienist checks for signs f gingivitis, oral cancer, and other periodontal infections that could be undetected if you didn’t opt for a tooth cleaning in Richmond.

What Happens If You, Miss Dental Cleanings?

By having your teeth regularly cleaned, your dentist will detect problems that may worsen if no action is taken. If you continue to miss dental cleanings, the following things can happen:


Plaque and tartar build-up underneath the gumline and inside the toothcusps can lead to tooth decay and cavities. It’s sometimes impossible to remove it all through regular dental hygiene practices. It’s possible for tooth decay to occur between teeth, which makes it hard to control from home, and can only be done in a dental office.

Gum Disease

Gum disease occurs when the gum line is irritated by plaque and tartar build-up. The result is an inflamed gum line with small pockets around the teeth. They can be ugly. More bacteria, food, and plaque may find space to seep in further and intensify the inflammation. It eventually causes gum disease, which mightcause tooth loss.

A simple tooth cleaning near you can help avoid gum disease.

Bad Breath

The white or brown hardened plaque and tartar mostly constitute bacteria that are hard to remove independently. It leads to the problem of bad breath that no gum or mints can cover for you.

Some dental stains can only be removed using special dental tools, which your hygienist is trained to use. If you have tried at-home dental whitening medications and still have stained teeth, aprofessional dental cleaning can save the situation to remove these notorious stains.

Tooth Loss

If you neglect your teeth, you will deal with the bigger problem, tooth loss. Plaque and tartar that have hardened around the gum line can cause severe swelling and inflammation of the gums, causing severe tooth loss.

Risk of Oral Cancer

Dental Cleanings also scrutinize your mouth for abnormalities that could lead to oral cancer, which can go undetected in its early stages. Having routine tooth cleanings in Spring, TX, however, can keep you up to date with the early signs of oral cancer so that treatment can start early.

Pregnancy Complications

Pregnant mothers tend to have high hormonal fluctuations, making them more susceptible to various infections and periodontal disease. These infections can spread to the bloodstream and even affect the baby. It can even lead to premature birth in some cases or low birth weight. Routine teeth cleanings in Richmond, TX, can help prevent such complications

Risk to Overall Body Health

Poor Oral Hygiene is linked to many health complications, including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and hypertension. It’s because almost everything in your mouth is usually ingested into the gut and absorbed into the bloodstream.

If you have bacteria in your mouth, it means that you lack oral hygiene. You are continually introducing disease-causing germs into your bloodstream, which can compromise your overall body health. By having dental cleanings in Spring, you can avoid this bacteria build-up and other subsequent health complications.

Is it Too Late for a Tooth Cleaning in Richmond?

It’s never toolate to go for a tooth cleaning near you, even if you haven’t gone for a while. It, in fact, provides a chance for you to start taking maintaining better oral health. Likewise, this is a good chance for you to resume that dental treatment routine if you had been skipping dental appointments.

Resolve a pact between you and your family members to schedule a dental cleaning at least twice a year to secure a healthy future for you and your family.

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