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What Are the Advantages of Fixed Teeth Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances utilized as a replacement for missing teeth. They are the fake teeth that enable the proper functioning of the human mouth. Their end goal is to ensure proper chewing, protection of the gums, and improvement in communication in patients to bring their lost self-confidence and health back. Read below to know all about fixed teeth dentures.

What is a Fixed Denture?

If you have lost a whole set of teeth or want to eliminate some of your teeth because they are not in a position to save, you have the option to replace them with fixed teeth dentures in Richmond, TX, or dental implants. A fixed denture is a series of implants with a fixed dental bridge.

Doctors and patients prefer fixed dentures over removable dentures because they:

  • Look, feel, and function like natural teeth
  • Prevent bone damage in the jaw
  • Last for a lifetime

How Do Fixed Dentures Work?

Dental implants serve as the roots of natural teeth and secure the replacement teeth to your jawbone. Actually like regular tooth roots, they lie under the gum line, therefore they do not appear in the mouth.

Fixed teeth dentures Richmond can’t be eliminated by the patients whenever required and are like your natural teeth. To achieve a similar functioning like natural teeth, your dentist needs to affix prosthetic teeth to a dental implant.

Two choices for fixed dentures are:

  • A bridge – It occupies the space created by a missing tooth by setting a crown on both sides of a prosthetic tooth.
  • Dental implants – They involve replacement for your regular root. Prosthetic teeth are fastened to dental implants to make patients smile.

What is the Procedure Involved in Placing Dentures?

Below is the procedure for the denture placement:

Step 1: The doctor will initially take the impressions of your jaw to investigate how well they identify with each other regardless of whether they have spaces in the middle of them.

Step 2: A wax model is then ready to take a look at the fitting.

Step 3: The last denture is made with the wax model.

Step 4: The doctor then asks the patient to try out the final set of dentures. If required, they must make adjustments.

How to Take Care of the Dentures?

Since dentures are fake and removable, they need proper care. For extended life of dentures, consider the following tips:

1. Keep Your Dentures Clean

Brush your fixed teeth dentures in TX with a non-rough brush one time per day. However, they are artificial. But plaque and bacteria can develop on the teeth, creating damage to teeth and gums.

If possible, eliminate your dentures after every meal and wash them with warm water. If you have full dentures, simple brushing would do the job.

2. Overnight Protection

Soak your dentures in water in the evening time doesn’t make it weak but make sure you stay away from chlorine. While putting dentures at the beginning of the day, ensure you rinse them with clean water properly. It’s because this will help to eliminate the chemicals released during soaking.

3. Keep a Look at Your Dentures

Monitor your denture occasionally. You must visit your dentist if your dentures slip or shift away from their position in your mouth. Remember, having ill-fitting dentures can cause infections and disturbances.

Advantages of Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures give patients tons of advantages over removable dentures. Below will describe the advantages you can expect from getting a fixed denture implant.

  • Fixed teeth dentures near you allow the patients to eat anything they desire without a trouble. They also don’t need to worry about biting into something too hard that will either harm or cause the denture to come out of the mouth.
  • A fixed dental replacement will cover gaps in the mouth because of missing teeth.
  • They will improve your smile.
  • Fixed dentures won’t drop out.
  • They prevent the shifting of teeth on the jawline and misalignments from occurring.
  • The life span of fixed dentures is designed for long-term usage if you maintain them properly.

Are You Ready for Fixed Teeth Dentures?

For more information on whether fixed teeth dentures 77469 is the right option for you, contact our Charm Dental (Richmond) office at 281-242-2221.

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