Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Spring, Richmond,  Humble and Katy, TX

If you’re one of the people who has developed your wisdom teeth, you’re probably going to need to have them removed at some point. This can seem like a scary procedure, especially because it involves sedation. It might help if you understand what the dentist at Charm Dental in Spring, Richmond, Humble and Katy, TX will be doing during this extraction process.

  • First, the dentist at Charm Dental will begin by applying sedation. Once it’s had time to work on you, he will numb the entire area using a general anesthetic to the place where your wisdom teeth are. He may choose to take additional x-rays for a guide to use at this point
  • After he has the x-rays and your mouth is completely numb, he’ll begin the surgery. This will start with removing the gum tissue that is covering the spot where your wisdom teeth are. If your teeth are impacted, he’ll have to make an incision into the gum tissue in order to access the teeth properly. They may still be covered in bone. If so, a handpiece will be used in order to remove excess bone from the area.
  • Once the tooth is visible to the dentist, he’ll use a variety of instruments to begin loosening the tooth from any tissue that’s in the bone socket. There’s a chance he’ll have to cut the tooth into multiple sections before it can be removed.
  • Once the tooth is loose and cut into the necessary pieces, he will remove the teeth from the socket.
  • After the tooth has been removed from your mouth, the dentist may need to apply stitches in order to stop the bleeding.
  • The dentist will then give you post-op instructions that you’ll need to follow. He’ll also give you some gauze that you’ll place in your mouth and bite down on. This will soak up excess blood and help stop the bleeding from continuing.

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a common practice in Spring, Richmond, Katy and Humble, TX. They might be removed at Charm Dental or taken out at a doctor’s office. You’ll need to follow any directions given before or after the surgery.

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