Root Canals in Spring and Richmond, TX

Do you suffer from chronic dental pain? Have signs of an infection or swelling? You may be experiencing an exposed or infected tooth root! At Charm Dental in Spring and Richmond, TX, we offer root canal treatment for patients that suffer from an infected tooth. Wondering if you may need a root canal? Here are the symptoms to look out for:

  • Severe Tooth Pain
  • Signs of Swelling
  • Signs of Infection
  • Painful Gums
  • Temperature Sensitivity
  • Food/Beverage Sensitivity
  • Pain When Chewing
  • Exposed Tooth Roots

However, some patients experience no symptoms at all and aren’t aware of their condition until a professional dentist provides a dental examination.

What is an Endodontic Root Canal?

Root canal treatment (sometimes known as endodontic therapy) may be necessary to avoid an extraction and save a tooth root suffering from damage or infection. During root canal treatment, the nerve and tooth pulp will be removed. Once the nerve and pulp are removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and then sealed.

Neglecting to treat a tooth that has been severely damaged, decayed, or infected can result in more serious complications such as an abscess or sepsis (an infection of the blood). Other teeth in your mouth may also become more prone to decay, infection, and tooth loss.

At our Spring and Richmond, TX dental office, we go above and beyond to make sure we can save your tooth and prevent it from failing. Unlike other dental practices, our practice provides root canals in one visit (in most cases). Our 3D X-ray scans help us prevent complications and endodontic failures. In addition, our fees are very affordable, and with our hi-tech instruments, our root canals are secondary to none. Book an appointment with our Spring and Richmond, TX office today!

Same-Day Root Canals

Are you currently experiencing deep tooth pain? When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is the commonly used treatment. Root canals in Spring and Richmond, TX, stop the spread of infection and save teeth. Charm Dental in Spring and Richmond, TX, offers gentle, high-tech root canals in one appointment.

Using advanced dental instruments and CEREC technology, we can complete your root canal procedure and place a crown restoration on the same day.

To keep you comfortable, a local anesthetic will be used during the treatment. Also, for nervous or anxious patients, we offer sedation dentistry options.

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