Pediatric Dentistry in Spring and Richmond, TX

Looking for a pediatric dentist in Spring and Richmond, TX, 77388? At Charm Dental in Spring and Richmond, TX, we believe prevention is the best dental treatment a patient can receive and our little ones are no different! At our Spring and Richmond pediatric dental office, we offer a variety of dental treatments that can help prevent decay and protect your child’s smile. Did you know pediatricians in Spring and Richmond, TX don’t treat smiles? For an appointment with our pediatric dentist in Spring and Richmond, TX contact us today!

Oral Examinations

Routine oral examinations can be essential for your child’ dental health; they allow us to examine the teeth, gums and overall oral health to determine any risk of dental complications. This allows us to address the problem before it becomes more serious and costly.

Dental Cleanings

Everyone knows teaching a child proper dental hygiene can be quite the task, luckily we offer routine pediatric dental cleanings for our little patients. This allows us to use specialized tools to reach areas your child may miss, decreasing the chance of decay and cavities.

Fluoride Treatments

For children that are still mastering dental care, fluoride treatments can help protect against plaque, bacteria, and decay. Fluoride can help strengthen enamel against acids and bacteria in the mouth.


Dental sealants are another useful tool for preventing decay in children. It is applied to the teeth, sealing any grooves and pits that may trap debris, bacteria, and plaque. This allows your child to brush easier and get their teeth clean.

Pediatric Dental Emergencies

On occasion children experience dental emergencies, resulting in chips, cracks and even dislodged teeth. While their primary teeth may not be in yet, trauma can actually impact the health of permanent teeth, so it is best to get them looked at.

For an appointment with our pediatric dentist in 77388, Spring and Richmond, TX contact Charm Dental today! We look forward to helping keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful!

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