Making your teeth brighter again

Making your teeth brighter again

April 1, 2021

Tooth whitening is a form of dental intervention that involves the lightening of teeth. Many chemical agents cause discoloration of the teeth that result to the loss of the bright colors of teeth. The process of restoring the color of the teeth is called teeth whitening. It restores the teeth to its natural white color by changing the appearance of the surface of the teeth without scrapping the upper layer of the enamel.  While the procedure does not restore the expected perfect white color of the teeth, it lightens the appearance of the teeth to a significant improvement of up to eight times lighter. The process is safe and does not come with any side effects. Here are some aspects that you should know about teeth whitening.

Why whiten your teeth

Discolored teeth do not have a good appearance. Brilliant white teeth is always appealing an appears healthy. You can whiten your teeth to remove the stains that cause the discoloration of the teeth. The stains are usually as a result of regular drinking tea, red wine, coffee, and black current. Smoking also discolors the teeth. Certain antibiotics as well as cracks also cause the teeth to be discolored. All these are foreign colorations that should be changed. You may need to whiten your teeth for them to appear healthy and have a bright natural smile that is appealing.

What the whitening involves

The magic behind the whitening is the key issue that intrigues most people. The most common method of teeth whitening involves bleaching. After a visit to the dentist, you will be informed if the procedure is  right for you before the commencement of the process. The bleaching agent is usually hydrogen or carbamide peroxide with the concentration of the agent determining how fast the teeth are whitened and the level of whitening that you should expect.

You can have a professional do the teeth whitening for you by visiting a dentist or you can purchase the kit and apply the chemicals by yourself. Professionally done bleaching is most effective because the concentration of the peroxide is higher and a dentist does the procedure. You should expect up to eight times increase in whiteness of the teeth. Then there is the at home whitening procedure that involves you buying a whitening kit and applying the bleach on your own. The concentration of peroxide is lower resulting to an effectiveness of whitening of the teeth to up to six times brighter.

How long it takes the treatment to be effective

The treatment is usually done within three or four weeks of application of the bleaching agent and gradual whitening. When taking the professional treatment, you will visit the dentist for the first three visits for which the dentist will prepare a mouth guard to protect your gums and help you apply the bleach. The subsequent application can be done from home once the patient understands the procedure and can do it properly. However, from the home kit, one gets to apply the bleaching agent by themselves for the period stipulated and regularly.

How long does the effect of the whitening stay and are there any side effects?

One should expect the effect of the bleach to be effective for three years. However, this varies especially if one goes back to the old habits that caused the discoloration of the teeth.  One is also expected to maintain high levels of dental hygiene to minimize the effect of the staining agents of the even with use. You should expect side effects such as increase in teeth sensitivity to cold and some levels of discomfort in the gums.

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