Invisalign® Vs. Braces

August 1, 2022

Invisalign® is a brand of teeth aligners in orthodontic dentistry, which dentists typically use as an alternative to braces. The standard type of braces for straightening teeth feature metal brackets and wires wrapped around teeth to exert controlled pressure to move them over a predetermined period. However, Invisalign aligners provide a different approach, featuring a smooth plastic-like material created after the impressions of individual smiles.

The Advantages of Invisalign

Some of the reasons that make many patients choose Invisalign treatment over its counterparts are:

  1. Aesthetic advantage – Invisalign braces are virtually invisible, allowing you to flaunt your smile while keeping your treatment anonymous.
  2. They are comfortable – Invisalign features a plastic-like material that is smooth and comfortable to wear. Besides, you will not need to undergo intense pressure when adjusting the aligners, which can cause dental pain.
  3. Few dental visits – since adjusting these aligners requires replacing the initial tray, you can negotiate with your dentist for more than one aligning tray in advance.
  4. Flexibility on food choices – the invisible aligners are removable, allowing you to eat whatever you want without damaging them.
  5. Ease of maintenance – since they are removable, you can keep your teeth and aligners clean without risking dental cavities or periodontal disease.

Invisalign Disadvantages

Incredible as they are, Invisalign aligners have some disadvantages, including the following:

  1. They are not for everyone – patients with complex malocclusions cannot benefit from Invisalign.
  2. They stain easily – if you forget to remove your aligners before eating, they may get stained, undermining the whole invisibility concept.
  3. Can break easily – hard foods or bad oral habits like teeth grinding and fingernail biting risk cracking or breaking your aligners.
  4. A restriction on wear time – although they are removable, you must wear your clear aligners for between 20 and 22 hours every day if you want them to be effective.

Invisalign Effectiveness vs. Traditional Braces

At Charm Dental – Katy, TX, we have noticed incredible transformations among our patients after getting Invisalign braces. Part of the reason for it is that more people are now willing to get orthodontic treatment because of the aesthetically-pleasing alternative. Beyond that, Invisalign has a snug fit, which attains results fast, satisfying patients’ needs and preferences.

The Advantages of Metal Braces

Even though there are several advantages to wearing Invisalign in Katy, TX, metal braces offer advantages that these teeth aligners cannot. The popular benefits of metal braces are:

      1. They are effective for correcting complex orthodontic problems – many of the complicated orthodontic issues you have are best fixed with metal braces. Do not be alarmed if your orthodontist tells you that you are not a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment even though you want it so badly.
      2. They are very popular – more than 50% of the time, when you visit a dentist near you for orthodontic treatment, they will recommend metal braces. They have been in use for many years, hence their heightened popularity around the globe. Therefore, you can get traditional braces in places where you cannot access Invisalign treatment.

Metal Braces Disadvantages

Like any other dental appliances, traditional braces have some disadvantages, including the following:

    1. They are conspicuous – the metal brackets and wires stand out when you smile because they do not match your natural teeth’ color. It may become a problem for conservative patients who do not want to publicize their treatment.
    2. Poor oral hygiene – many patients struggle with proper dental hygiene after getting braces. The metal wires and brackets can make it difficult to clean your teeth’ surfaces properly. As a result, several patients with braces develop stubborn stains and tartar around the location of the metal brackets. Unfortunately, it can lead to other oral problems like gum disease or dental decay.
    3. They are uncomfortable – the material that makes traditional braces is not smooth or gentle to your soft tissues like the gums, lips, and inner cheeks. It can make you prone to accidental bites and other dental-related injuries. Besides, the tension and pressure on your teeth after adjusting the braces can cause significant discomfort and dental pain.
    4. Several dental visits – whether you like it or not, you may need to keep visiting your dentist in Katy, TX, regularly when you get metal braces. The reason is that the dentist must keep adjusting the metal wires to direct your teeth’ movement and track their progress.
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