How To Deal With Invisalign Discomfort And Pain

How To Deal With Invisalign Discomfort And Pain

February 1, 2022

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment dentist near you prescribe for teeth straightening. However, the Invisalign treatment in Katy, TX, can cause some discomfort, soreness, or pain. Because the treatment applies pressure to the teeth, gradually shifting them into position can cause discomfort. Nevertheless, Invisalign pain is less than traditional braces, and the pain’s intensity varies for individuals.

Usually, people experience discomfort with Invisalign at the start of the treatment or when changing aligners trays. Also, the teeth are moving into a new position for the first time, and the mouth is not accustomed to the new shift, causing discomfort. After inserting a new aligner, some people may experience soreness for a few days, while others may be throughout the treatment.

You can get your Invisalign treatment at Charm Dental – Katy, TX. Furthermore, the dentists suggest several tips for alleviating Invisalign pain. Kindly read on to find out.

How To Relieve Invisalign Pain and Discomfort

Aligners move your teeth into a new position. Therefore, it is normal to feel a little discomfort because your teeth are adjusting to their new position. Nevertheless, there are measures you can take to reduce Invisalign discomfort, including;

Using An Icepack Or Cold Compress

Dentists in 77449 suggest that applying something cold on your skin can reduce swelling and numb painful areas, minimizing pain. Don’t apply the cold compress directly to your skin. Rather, wrap the ice in a towel or piece of cloth and apply it to affected areas for ten minutes at a time. You can do this several times a day.

Drinking Cold Water

Similar to using a cold compress, drinking cold water can numb the sore area. You don’t need to take your aligners out when drinking water. However, it would be best to avoid sugary drinks because they can cause cavities.

Avoiding Hard Foods

Eating hard foods when your teeth are sore can increase pain. Therefore, it is best to eat soft foods that won’t cause pain when you chew them. Foods like hard-boiled eggs, tuna, or bread are suitable.

Using Over-the-counter Pain Relievers

Over-the-counter painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen can relieve Invisalign pain. It is advisable to follow the medication’s directions for use and dosage. If you experience Invisalign pain after changing your aligners, you can use the painkiller before changing the aligners to prevent pain.

Ensuring Your Aligners Are In The Correct Position

After inserting your aligners, ensure they are correctly and pushed in completely. Aligners can apply unnecessary pressure against your teeth and feel uncomfortable if they are not fitted correctly. Furthermore, Dentists in the 77449 area say that improperly fitted aligners can cause pain because they are pushing your teeth into the wrong position.

Avoid Taking Out Your Aligners Often

For best results, dentists near you suggest using your aligners at least 22 hours daily. It would be best if you only took them out when you want to brush, eat, or drink. Reducing the frequency of removing your aligners can minimize pain. Furthermore, leaving your aligners out for too long may give you a snug fit because your teeth may have adjusted, and readjusting to the aligners can cause discomfort.

Starting New Aligners Before Bed

When it is time to start a new set of aligners, it is best to insert them a few hours before bed instead of morning. Doing this will give your teeth time to adjust to their new position while you sleep. Furthermore, sleeping through the initial adjustment period will reduce discomfort.


Starting Invisalign treatment in Katy, TX, can cause initial discomfort. However, as you get accustomed to the aligners, your teeth will get used to shifting, reducing discomfort. Furthermore, after using your Invisalign for a few months, the pain significantly reduces. Also, if you experience discomfort when using Invisalign, following the tips discussed in this article can help minimize pain.

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