Establishing a Relationship with Your Katy Pediatric Dentist

February 26, 2018

When it comes to proper dental care and optimal oral health, it is important to start early. At Charm Dental Care, we recommend children see us by at least the age of one (we’d prefer to see them when their first tooth erupts). We find that starting early can help reduce the risk of dental anxiety, along with dental complications such as decay. Wondering how to establish a relationship between your child and their pediatric dentist in Katy, TX?

Start Early

When it comes to dentistry for children, starting early can really benefit them. It will allow them to get used to the dental office, our staff and having people poking around in their mouths. This can reduce the risk that your child will form dental anxiety and help them understand the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Talk About the Dentist

It is also important to inform your child about their visit instead of just surprising them. Let them know what a dentist is, why they are important and how they can help with having a beautiful, healthy smile.

Lead by Example

Despite what a lot of parents think, children pay attention to us very well. It is important to lead by example when it comes to dental care, allow your child to watch partake in your morning and evening routine, even take them to your dental visits!

Prepare Your Child

Children love learning and playing, find some videos about dentistry, maybe even with their favorite characters. Practice dental visits with their toys and/or stuffed animals. The options really are endless, just try to make dentistry sound fun!

Find the Right Dentist

When it comes to choosing the right dentist, it can be important to realize that some practices are geared more towards children. At Charm Dental Care in Katy, TX we specialize in dental care for the whole family, even your little ones!

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