Are Adult Fluoride Treatments Necessary?

January 27, 2018

The natural cycle of our body involves taking in and losing fluoride on a daily basis. Through water and the foods we eat, we brought in to our body. Through demineralization, our body will lose fluoride. It is also possible to put fluoride back into our body by eating healthier foods and drinking fluoridated water.

How Does an Adult Fluoride Treatment from My Dentist Help Me?

Fluoride works to prevent tooth decay by helping your teeth fight against bacteria. For children, the fluoride is part of the development process, but adults do not have higher levels and can greatly benefit from getting more fluoride.

In What Forms Is Fluoride Available?

Fluoridated rinses and toothpastes are available are most stores, but products with higher levels are available through dental health professionals only. A fluoride treatment will be in gel, foam or varnish form and is applied to the teeth by your dentist.

Do Adults Really Need Extra Fluoride?

Fluoride is helpful in fighting tooth decay. While it is often used for children to aid in the development of healthy and strong teeth, adults can greatly benefit from the increased fluoride level.

Certain Conditions Put Adults at Risk for Fluoride Loss

There are specific issues that can put an adult at a higher risk for tooth decay. These patients will greatly benefit from fluoride treatments.

These conditions include:

  • Patients with a history of cavities
  • Those with gum disease and recessed gums
  • Chronic dry mouth caused by medications and diseases
  • Those with a lot of dental work
  • Frequent snackers
  • Molars with deep pits and grooves

There are so many benefits of fluoride treatments and so many issues that it can fight against. The process is quick and easy and is usually done as part of a regular appointment. If you think a fluoride treatment can help you, be sure to discuss it with your dentist at your next appointment.

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