What are the signs of a serious dental problem

6 Signs that Indicate a Serious Dental Problem

April 1, 2023

Although achieving good dental care is the best method to get optimal dental health, understanding what to do when a dental emergency strikes can help prevent damage in the long term. When you leave dental issues ignored, they can result in serious problems that can put overall health at risk.

What Causes Dental Emergency?

Below are the most common causes behind dental emergencies:


Sometimes, there is no space for the teeth to develop. It means they can grow at an angle or get stuck. It is known as impacted wisdom teeth and can be painful.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is a bacterial infection. It is the puss accumulated around the teeth, nearby the bone, or in the gums. This dental infection can move to other areas of your body and make you sick.

Bad Dental Hygiene Routine

Poor oral hygiene routine is another cause behind dental emergencies. It can result in dental health problems like cavities, gum disease, etc.

Poor Diet

A diet rich in sugar, starches, and carbs enhances plaque accumulation on the teeth’ surfaces. Bacteria in the plaque generate acid that helps break down the enamel.


It is common for the teeth to break, crack or even knock out one or multiple teeth due to falling or taking part in contact sports.

Addressing Existing Dental Problems

Most people also need to schedule a visit to the emergency dental clinic due to fix their existing dental issues. It can be falling out of dental filling, loose or cracked crowns, etc.

How Do Emergency Dentists Handle Complicated Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies can occur at midnight or midday, on weekends or holidays. With every passing minute, they can become more annoying. Dental emergencies are dental health issues that can be uncomfortable or life-threatening.

Rather than waiting till the next dental checkup or the next available period of a general dentist, reaching the emergency dental clinic for emergency dental care in Katy, TX is the best solution. The emergency dentist provides different surfaces ranging from addressing a complicated emergency root canal to other serious issues that might happen after other dental treatments or surgery.

Firstly, the emergency dentist will prescribe pain-killing medicines, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatory drugs to minimize pain and remove the infection. Then, the expert will determine and explain the next step to deal with the serious emergency condition. Remember, the earlier and quicker a serious dental problem is detected and addressed, there are high the chances of getting successful treatment. Whatever dental problem you have, you can confidently trust us.

Common Symptoms of Serious Dental Problems

Below are the most common signs of serious dental issues:

Sore Gums or Bleeding Gums

If you notice soreness or bleeding from your gums, it could be more serious in underlying medical conditions like diabetes. The most common symptoms of diabetes include loss or lost teeth, dry mouth, gum inflammation, bad breath, and oral thrush. The dental professional can help you recommend the most appropriate gum treatment.

Lost or Loose Teeth

Serious gum diseases can make the teeth fall out. It can also indicate early symptoms of osteoporosis.

Mouth and Jaw Ache

Mouth and jaw pain can be the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Contacting ​a dentist Katy TX is the best way to get the real source of your oral issues.

Changes in Tooth Enamel or Surfaces

Translucent enamel and tooth erosion can indicate an acid reflex or serious eating disorder. It can also result in other health issues.

Lumps, Patches, or Sores in the Mouth

Oral cancer is one of the most common cancer types. Therefore, if you notice white or yellow sores or strange patches inside your mouth, get in touch with the dentist at M&G Family Dentistry immediately. The expert will diagnose your mouth and find out if it’s due to a mouth infection or something more serious.


Halitosis or bad breath may be from food or drinks you take or dry mouth. If you see your bad breath stay for a long time, it may be due to underlying health problems that require immediate attention from the ​family dentist near you. These problems can be diabetes, chronic lung disease, sinus infection, liver or kidney disease, or gastrointestinal issues.

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