What Is Full Mouth Dental Implants Treatment

What Is Full Mouth Dental Implants Treatment?

January 18, 2023

The definition of full-mouth dental implant treatment is restoring an entire arch of teeth in one or both jaws. It is an ideal technique for people who have lost all their teeth or must have them extracted and replaced with artificial teeth to restore their mouth and aesthetics. Besides restoring the teeth and working similarly to natural teeth, full-mouth dental implants enhance the patient’s appearance by preventing jawbone deterioration.

The complete mouth implant treatment is a permanent solution for replacing an entire arch of teeth in the top or bottom jaw. The implants provide a natural smile while preserving the gums and jawbone structure. They are similar to individual dental implants.

Full-mouth dental implants don’t require single implants for every missing tooth but help replace all the lost teeth on merely four to six dental implants embedded strategically in the jawbone. The implants replace the missing tooth roots after integrating with the jawbone. After healing, the provider places replacement teeth anchored by the implants.

What to Expect during Full Mouth Dental Implants Procedure?

If you have lost all your teeth or must have them extracted because of infections or other causes and need replacements, you must understand you consent to an outpatient implant procedure. Dental implant surgery is generally considered invasive because several surgical interventions are necessary to replace the missing tooth roots.

You must undergo a diagnosis from the dentist in Katy, TX, taking some x-rays to determine your jawbone density, ascertain your situation, and create a treatment plan specifically for you.

Following the diagnosis, you must undergo implant placement surgery when four or six titanium screws are embedded deep into your jawbone to function as your artificial tooth roots.

The entire-mouth dental implant treatment is ideal for patients without sufficient jawbone density because the dentist places the implants strategically into the jawbone in specific locations providing the necessary tightness. In addition, you can have a row of artificial teeth anchored by the implants immediately after getting them embedded in your jaw. While the artificial teeth help restore aesthetics, the dentist near me advises caring for them appropriately until you recover from the surgery.

You can expect some discomfort from implant placement after the surgical process. However, your provider suggests taking over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers to manage the pain. You can brush and floss your remaining teeth a day after implant placement, remaining gentle near the surgical site to ensure you don’t irritate or damage the implants. You can clean your mouth using salt water rinses instead of over-the-counter mouthwash brands containing alcohol with the potential to delay or impair healing. You must follow up with implant dentistry in Katy, TX, during your recovery until the implants have fully secured in position. The recovery time from full-mouth dental implant treatment is approximately six months. However, they give you a set of natural-looking artificial teeth appearing and functioning like the teeth you lost and remain indistinguishable in the mouth.

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

The benefits offered by full-mouth dental implant treatment are numerous. This procedure is ideal for substituting several missing teeth with just four or six dental implants placed in the jaw to hold an entire arch of teeth. In addition, full-mouth dental implants heal faster than regular implants for single missing teeth. Besides the above, the benefits they offer include the following:

  • Jawbone Structure Preservation: your jawbone receives support from the stimulation it gets from the chewing and biting forces of your teeth. Whether you lose one or all of your teeth, jawbone deterioration starts immediately and results in approximately 50 percent loss during the first year. Full mouth dental implant restoration prevents jawbone deterioration by giving you an entire set of teeth on a dental arch functioning as fixed or removable dentures. Therefore they help preserve jawbone structure.
  • Natural Looking: the implant procedure with full-mouth dental implants appears natural, making it challenging for people to distinguish between natural and artificial teeth. They also help preserve facial appearance after the restoration giving you a beautiful smile.
  • Para-Functional Habits: the durability of full mouth dental implant treatment ensures the restoration is ideal for patients with bruxism or para-functional habits damaging their natural and implanted single teeth, causing them to develop chips and cracks or weaken.

If you have several missing teeth, full mouth implant treatment provided by Charm Dental Katy, is ideal for your needs. Consult this practice today to begin planning your dental restoration to have replacement teeth in your mouth as soon as possible.

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