Is your floss toxic? How to find and use safe dental floss

Is your floss toxic? How to find and use safe dental floss

February 26, 2019

You might have a really good habit of brushing your teeth two times in a day and after that, you might also be using floss to clean each and every part of your mouth thoroughly, but do you know what your floss should actually have and what it shouldn’t? If you don’t then you might be using the wrong kind of floss which could prove to be toxic in nature later on. Check the contents and if your floss contains Teflon then it is better for you to change your floss, as per what Charm Dental suggests its patients. Following you will find some elements which would not hurt your oral health as the contents of your floss-

Petroleum: This could be one of the good options. I am not saying this would not affect your teeth at all but it is much better than Teflon and you can clean your teeth with the help of it. There is not much research done to know its exact impacts on your teeth, except that it is definitely safer than Teflon.

Nylon: This could be another option for you. We know that nylon is not good for the environment but that does not mean you cannot floss with it. Also, even this is a better option for your teeth than Teflon

After reading all this, are you confused about whether you stop doing dental floss completely or not?

You should definitely not stop flossing your teeth as this is an activity which is not performed by everybody but is a must, as Dentist in Spring and Richmond mentioned. This activity helps you protect you from so many oral problems which you cannot even think of. So keep flossing and try to find a better floss for you if possible.

If you haven’t started flossing yet and are planning to start it soon, don’t think much as it is never too late to adopt a new, good habit. This is one of the best activities to perform while cleaning your teeth. You can contact Charm Dental or any spring dental office near you to get a better option for floss.

The dentists are an expert in their field and they can suggest the best product for your oral health. So, having regular checkups as well as consulting them in every six months (at least) would prove to be really good for your oral health. You can contact Charm Dental or dentist near you for the right advice.

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