Is Sedation Dentistry Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe During Pregnancy?

July 11, 2023

Most mothers attest that pregnancy is an amazing thing. Knowing that life is developing inside you is a mind-blowing feeling. Pregnancy is filled with amazing moments, from subtle baby movements to robust baby kicks. However, we cannot also forget that it comes with a lot of changes, which means that there’s a lot that you have to put into consideration.

One thing worth considering is your oral health and visiting our Spring dentist, who will help you ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Keeping your pearly whites and gums healthy during pregnancy is not just a box you are ticking but a necessity.

However, dental anxiety can be a great hindrance since you may choose to ignore the much-needed dental care that our dentist offers. Thanks to sedation dentistry, you can relax during the entire procedure. But is it safe during pregnancy? Well, let’s find out!

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry in Spring, TX, involves using certain drugs to ensure our patients remain calm during dental procedures. Most people wrongly assume that sedation dentistry will always render them unconscious or unresponsive during their dental procedure. This thought compounds their fear, especially when one is pregnant.

The truth is that there are different levels of sedation and types of sedation. Each is administered according to your needs and preferences. Always remember that all safety measures are undertaken to ensure you receive the oral care you need without complications.

Is It Safe During Pregnancy?

Professional oral health care is vital during all stages of life, including pregnancy. Expecting mothers will experience unique oral health issues such as enamel erosion because of morning sickness, pregnancy gingivitis, etc.

Therefore, for your benefit, you need to visit our Spring dentist for regular dental checkups. However, if you need some extensive work to be done, our dentist can use local anesthesia since it will not affect your pregnancy.

However, sedatives are not generally recommended for pregnant women if they need more than local anesthesia. For instance, there are concerns about nitrous oxide since there is a chance that the gas might pose some risks to the developing fetus. Such medications that can pass through the placenta should be avoided because there is a level of risk involved.

Due to this risk, most dentists might opt not to perform any procedures that require you to undergo sedation dentistry in Spring, TX. Our dentist might decide to delay the procedure until after you give birth. But if it is not possible, our dentist will create a personalized treatment plan that will be safe for you and your child.

Dental care while pregnant requires a cyclic conversation involving our dentist near you, your doctor, and you. Therefore, our dentist will take the route that poses the smallest risk to your developing baby.

It is worth noting that dental care during the first trimester involving sedation is best avoided since it might affect the fetus. In the last trimester, deep levels of sedation may cause preterm labor.

But be good of good cheer! If you have a procedure such as a root canal that cannot be rescheduled, a skilled dental team should be able to find a way that can somewhat be comfortable.

And What Is the Procedure?

Dental sedation involves using different drugs and alternating dosages to offer the required level of sedation. Each sedation will have varying levels of potency and strength.

However, deep levels of sedation are usually avoided during pregnancy; therefore, you can expect our dentist near you to oscillate between two types of procedures:

  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation

You might have encountered this type of sedation under a different name, “laughing gas.” This is by far the mildest level of sedation. Our dentist will place the gas mask over your mouth and nose to administer the gas. You will feel calm once you breathe it in within a few moments. You will be conscious and responsive during the entire procedure and remember your appointment afterward.

  • Oral Sedation

Instead of breathing in nitrous oxide, our dentist might recommend that you go for oral sedatives. Our dentist will give you the oral sedative that you will take about 30 minutes before your procedure.

You will be more relaxed before you get in to receive your treatment. You will be conscious during the procedure, so you will still be able to answer questions, but there is a chance that you might not remember your entire visit.

We Are Here for You

Sedation dentistry is a procedure that will help you get the care that you need without anxiety. However, we must all approach the issue cautiously during pregnancy to avoid unnecessary complications. You will need expert advice, so contact us at Charm Dental in Spring to schedule an appointment.

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