In-Office Teeth Whitening Delivering Faster Results Than Other Methods

In-Office Teeth Whitening Delivering Faster Results Than Other Methods

September 1, 2021

Do you want to brighten your discolored teeth because they impact your smile and your self-confidence? There is no dearth of teeth whitening remedies currently available on the market that may encourage you to purchase the products to try DIY teeth whitening at home. However, have you realized over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies rarely provide results quickly and make you wait forever? If not, your chances of having brighter and whiter teeth faster are better if you search for teeth whitening in Spring, TX, to achieve your goal.

Dentists provide teeth whitening in Spring, delivering the fastest results visible to you in one hour at the dentist’s office. Dentists charge you higher prices for the procedure but also provide a dental cleaning and ensure you don’t experience any gum sensitivity after the treatment. Dentists do not offer teeth whitening treatments if you are affected by tooth decay or gum disease. Instead, they delay the procedure until your dental issues have entirely healed.

Why Consider Dentists Teeth Whitening Treatments Over Affordable Remedies?

Over-the-counter teeth whitening near me is undoubtedly affordable and, in many cases, will cost you less than $ 100. However, are the treatments explicitly designed for you? Products available in drugstores and supermarkets are best used as teeth whiteners, similar to whitening toothpaste containing abrasive agents.

After you purchase the products from the store or any online retailer, you are left with yourself to use the products as desired. These products are manufactured with the theory of one size fits all when in reality, they don’t.

In stark contrast, dentists provide personalized in-office teeth whitening treatments after considering your dental and oral health. Dentists don’t offer teeth whitening treatments but use concentrated hydrogen peroxide to bleach stubborn stains on them. Dentists also recommend follow-up in-office teeth whitening or a regimen of at-home bleaching trays if you feel the results of the whitening treatment are unsatisfactory during your first visit.

The costs of in-office teeth whitening are undoubtedly higher. Still, the treatment provided by the dentist delivers faster results than any other methods currently available on the market. Moreover, it does so, ensuring you receive a prophylactic cleaning and experience no sensitivity during or after the teeth whitening procedure.

How Do Dentists Perform in Office Teeth Whitening?

When you visit teeth whitening in Spring, TX, you receive teeth cleaning for plaque and debris removal from the surfaces and between your teeth. The dentist also performs an exam checking for problems like tooth decay, cracks, and gum disease. The bleaching ingredients can cause varying degrees of irritation if you are affected by any of the above conditions.

In-office teeth whitening treatments are comfortable and not painful. The treatments don’t require anesthesia or any sedatives when you receive them. The teeth whitening dentist ensures the soft tissues of your mouth are protected using a cheek retractor. A rubber dam also goes on the gum tissue to protect against any irritation the bleaching gel may cause.

Application of a bleaching ingredient containing hydrogen peroxide follows the protective measures the dentist takes:

  1. The bleaching ingredient is applied to your teeth and left on them for 15-minute intervals, after which it is suctioned and washed off.
  2. You undergo four applications of hydrogen peroxide gel during the hour, at which time heat or light help dentists accelerate the bleaching process.
  3. After removing the cheek retractors at the end of the treatment, you rinse your mouth and visualize the immediate post-treatment results.

Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide ensures your teeth lighten by three to eight shades out of 16. The whitening effect is because of the dehydration of your teeth during the bleaching process, making them look whiter than earlier.

Teeth Whitening Treatments Provide Temporary Relief from Discoloration

Would you mind not assuming the teeth whitening treatment from dentists is permanent because it is only a temporary measure? If you wish to maintain the results of the whitening, you must learn how to manage tooth discoloration. To succeed in your goal, it helps if you understand the kind of foods you must limit or avoid to enable yourself to maintain the results of the whitening treatments.

Besides the above, you must maintain proper dental hygiene, brush and floss daily, and receive professional teeth cleanings every six months or even frequently. Dental visits help remove surface stains and bacteria and leaves you with fresher breath until your next exam.

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