May 10, 2019

Oral hygiene should be considered a priority and any chip, crack, or toothache should not be taken lightly and treated by a dentist as soon as possible. Even if these seem like minor issues, can turn into a major problem if not taken care of. Along with that, the expenses would also hike up.

Common Dental Emergencies

In case of any dental emergency, the first thing to do is to contact your dentist and book an appointment. There are some things that one should know as well regarding dental emergencies. On your way to the dentist, there are certain things one can do if they are properly educated about it. Here are some recommendations for these dental emergencies:

1. A Knocked Out Baby Tooth

The first thing to do would be contacting your dentist immediately. Now, in order to not hamper the growth of the permanent tooth underneath, the tooth would not be replanted even if it would be loose. A loose tooth is the situation in most of the cases and needs to be taken care of.

2. A Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

If the permanent tooth is knocked out, it is very important to reach to your dentist within an hour of the accident else it would be difficult to get the tooth fixed. Once you have contacted your dentist, make sure that the broken teeth are kept in a proper manner. The tooth can be preserved by placing it in the socket and holding it in place with clean gauze or a washcloth.

  • A few things to be taken care of and not to do when a permanent tooth is knocked out:
  • Letting the tooth dry out
  • Not to scrub to the tooth to clean it
  • Not to use soap, alcohol or peroxide on the tooth
  • Not to handle it by the root

Doing these things would reduce the chances for the dentist to replant it again and risk your oral care. So, it is better to take care of these things.

Your Dentist Is Ready To Help!

Even the slightest thing like a toothache can cause some problems so it’s always better to visit your dentist once. Charm Dental Care is there for you at all points of time and just a call away. So, book an appointment today is there is even a small pain and never compromise on oral hygiene and health.

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