Importance of Morning and Night time Dental Routines

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If one has a routine in place, it can help in many ways to achieve the goals. In fact, a simple routine provides an easier path to wherever one wants to go. When it comes to oral health, making it through life with a complete and a healthy smile is the ultimate objective. By following a good dental routine, one can achieve good oral health. Let us throw some light on few tips.

Before you go to Bed

Brushing and flossing teeth right before bedtime is very beneficial. If the teeth are brushed and flossed too early, then they will not be completely clean before going to bed. One should opt for an electric toothbrush for getting teeth super clean. Flossing helps to remove any food particles that may be hiding in between the teeth. Use a mouthwash that offers anti-bacterial qualities right before bed.

Visit the dentist regularly

There is no doubt that dental routine at home is essential in maintaining your oral health, but regular dental visits are equally crucial. A professional cleaning by the dentist will keep the teeth and gums free from damaging plaque build-up. Routine exams help the dentist to spot concerns before they permanently damage your smile.

When You Wake Up

The saliva production is least when we sleep, and that is when the bacterial colonies start forming. If one doesn’t brush the teeth immediately after waking up, and have breakfast, the bacteria present on the teeth get more carbohydrates to break down, and causes more attack on the Oral tissues instead. Still, if you want to brush after eating breakfast, you should wait about 30 minutes after your meal. During that time, the enamel is a little softer and a rinse after breakfast is enough as saliva too is generated to care for the teeth.

Brushing after Lunch?

Brushing after lunch is quite debatable as not many people do that. But there are few who choose to brush after lunch too. They believe, it helps freshen the breath and brush away cavity causing bacteria. But one has to be careful brushing too often and should use light pressure. One should not overdo it.