How Painful Is a Root Canal?

How Painful Is a Root Canal?

June 1, 2022

Our teeth have an innermost part known as the tooth pulp containing the root canals. When the pulp is inflamed or infected, it leads to severe pain and discomfort. The procedure for eliminating the infection and saving the tooth is commonly referred to as a root canal. Root canals in Richmond, TX, are necessary since an infected root canal can lead to tooth loss.

Root canals can be infected due to teeth decay that wears down the enamel. Decay leads to cavities and creates a way for bacteria to reach the inner tooth parts and infect them. In addition, getting dental treatments repeatedly on the same tooth can lead to infections. Finally, a cracked or damaged tooth can also allow bacteria to enter and infect the root canals.

Back in the day, root canals used to be painful. Dentists did not have the techniques and anesthetics they have now. However, the root canal procedure is painless today. The dentist in 77469 uses local anesthesia to numb the tooth and its surrounding areas. But, you should expect slight discomfort after endodontics in Richmond.

The dentist will prescribe some medication to ease the pain. Home remedies that will help subsidize the discomfort are recommended. However, you should consult the dentist if your pain medication does not work well. Let the dentist know if the pain persists for more than two weeks after the procedure. The dental specialist will get you a stronger prescription of pain killers. In addition, they may assess the tooth pulp to determine the cause of your complications.

How Does One Know if They Need a Root Canal?

  1. Sudden or searing pain in a tooth is the most common indication that your tooth has an infection. You may also experience spontaneous pain on the tooth and face when you chew, bend over or lie down.
  2. Your gums can let you know that you need root canal therapy. They do this by changing in appearance to become dark, swollen, and tender. The gums may also have abscesses or small bumps around the infected tooth.
  3. Tooth sensitivity when taking cold or hot foods and drinks can show infected canals. If the sensitivity lingers after the substance is removed, you need a root canal procedure.
  4. Unexplained swelling and inflammation along the gum line, in the face or neck, show that you need RCT.
  5. If your tooth is cracked or chipped near the gum line, it creates access for bacteria to enter the dental pulp. So, if your tooth is chipped or cracked and causes discomfort, you should seek endodontics in Richmond.

How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

Various factors determine the length of the root canal procedure. For example, a severe infection can increase the time of the process. If a larger area of the dental pulp is infected, you require careful treatment. It takes longer to eliminate the disease thoroughly.

The location of the infected tooth also determines how long a root canal lasts. Infections in the incisors and canines are treated fast since they contain a single canal. For example, the dentist in 77469 can remove the infection in less than an hour. However, molars and some premolars have multiple root canals. They, therefore, take longer to treat.

Some patients require visiting the dentist twice for root canal treatment. The dentist removes all infections and damaged tissue in the first appointment. Next, they temporarily seal the tooth and send you home to recuperate. This tooth is cleaned and disinfected in the second visit, then closed permanently. Finally, a filling or crown is placed on the tooth to protect the tooth and strengthen its structure.

Generally, you should expect to spend about 90 minutes at the dental office. This creates enough time to clean out the infected tissues and rinse and disinfect the tooth. If you require a filling or crown, the procedure takes longer. When you go for root canals in Richmond, TX, the dentist will assess your tooth. The assessment helps to determine how long your root canal will last.

You should not be anxious about getting a root canal. At Charm Dental-Richmond, we conduct painless and swift root canal procedures. Contact us for help in getting you out of pain caused by infected root canals.

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