How Often Do I Need To Whiten My Teeth?

How Often Do I Need To Whiten My Teeth?

March 5, 2022

Do you want whiter and brighter teeth? Have the people around you been paying more attention to the stains on your teeth when you talk, and it’s affecting your self-esteem? Well, you don’t have to continue to feel this way as there is a way out. Teeth whitening is a possible way of getting rid of a bad dental appearance. If you are considering a teeth whitening procedure in Charm Dental Richmond, this article will tell you the things you can expect from our dentists.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an oral treatment that involves lightening teeth color with teeth whitening products. You can get it done in a dentist’s office or at home using teeth whitening agents gotten over-the-counter.

Teeth discoloration is the primary reason why people get their teeth whitened. It is usual for the teeth to get stained due to lifestyle choices and other factors. Teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic dental treatments that you can get to improve that smile. However, your teeth do not have to develop a terrible stain before you get a teeth whitening near you. You can get teeth whitening to make your teeth look brighter than they currently are.

Reasons Why The Teeth Gets Stained

Age is one of the factors of teeth discoloration. As we grow older, our teeth begin to lose their brightness, and then the enamel (teeth surface) will start getting weak. The enamel covers the dentin which lies beneath it. The dentin is slightly yellowish and can become more evident if the enamel that covers it gets fragile or thinner. Over time, as the enamel begins to weaken, the teeth would appear yellowish or brownish.

Food is also one of the biggest reasons for teeth discoloration. We often don’t realize the damage foods can do to our teeth, especially starchy foods like bread and pasta. You don’t need to restrict yourself from eating them, but you can limit their effect by practicing optimum dental care every time.

Beverages like coffee, wine, and tea are also responsible for stains in the teeth. When you take too much coffee or tea, you put your teeth at a higher risk of getting stained.

Cigarettes/ tobacco and alcohol do not only destroy your general health, but it also affects your teeth color as well. Constant tobacco and cigarette smoking create dark stains on the tooth.

What Can I Expect From A Teeth Whitening Procedure?

First, you need to understand that teeth whitening doesn’t work for everyone. If you have very dark stains, you might need other dental treatments like veneers or dental crowns.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you saw a dentist near you first to be sure that teeth whitening is the proper treatment for you. On the day of your appointment, the dentist would conduct dental examinations. Note that dental examinations are the first step before any dental treatment. It helps ensure that the patient is healthy enough for the treatment and check for other dental problems that the patient might have developed or the tendencies of developing them.

Once the dentist has confirmed that you are eligible for teeth whitening, the treatment will begin.

Next, the dentist would place a mouth shield inside your mouth to protect your gums and prevent the teeth whitening products from touching your gums. Also, you do not need to worry about pains or discomfort because teeth whitening Is a painless procedure. However, if you have a phobia of dental treatments, your dentist can use a minimal sedative to make you feel relaxed during your treatment.

Next, the dentist will apply the teeth whitening products on your teeth and then shine a lamp on them to allow your teeth to absorb the whitening products properly.

In conclusion, it might interest you to know that the teeth whitening products often used at the dentist’s office are more effective and safer than random teeth whitening products that you can get from the store. If you must get teeth whitening products for home teeth whitening, you should seek the guidance of your dentist first.

Another exciting aspect of getting professional teeth whitening in Richmond is that your teeth whitening results can last for 5 to 6 months which also means that you can whiten your teeth just twice yearly with professional teeth whitening.

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