How Do Dental Implants Work with Your Existing Teeth?

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Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your missing tooth? Do you wish that you could smile and laugh in public without wondering whether or not people are looking more at the gap in your smile instead of your smile itself? Have you wondered whether or not a dental implant procedure would solve these concerns?

The short answer is that “yes.” Keep reading to learn more about this amazing restorative dental procedure that has helped countless patients reclaim their smiles and self-confidence!

The Process of Placing Dental Implants Alongside Natural Teeth

One of the major advantages of a dental implant is that it will function like a normal tooth to the point that no one will even be able to tell which tooth is the dental implant and which teeth are not. Your dental implant will be permanently secured to your jawbone for complete functionality. Once the procedure is completed, you’ll never have to worry about that tooth again!

Some patients ask, “Will dental implants affect the structure of my existing teeth?” and the answer here is “no, they won’t.” By design, dental implants are created to match your existing teeth in color and shape so they appear natural in every regard.

How Dental Implants Match the Colors and Contours of Your Existing Teeth

Modern dentistry has made huge advances in recent years, and this includes technology to make dental procedures successful from both a functional perspective and a cosmetically pleasing perspective. Using the latest imaging technology, dentists are able to match the exact shape, size, and color of the missing tooth to fill in the space for a completely natural look. In fact, the dental implant will be so natural-looking in its appearance that even dental professionals won’t be able to tell you have one until they see it on an x-ray!

How to Take Care of Dental Implants, Compared with Your Existing Teeth

Knowing that a dental implant is very natural in its appearance is great news – but even better news is that once your implant has been placed and the gum tissue around it is healed, your implant will not require any special treatment. That’s right – a dental implant not only looks like a natural tooth, but it can be treated like one in every regard. That’s a win-win scenario!

Charm Dental Can Put the Charm Back into Your Smile

Ready to start smiling with confidence again? Contact the dental care team at Charm Dental today to learn more about dental implants – and other restorative dental procedures – to help put the charm back into your smile!