Gum Disease Can Happen Even If you Brush and Floss Daily

Gum Disease Can Happen Even If you Brush and Floss Daily

January 1, 2019

Gum diseases can be really bad for the health of your teeth as they may get decayed and infected. It is believed that the main cause of gum diseases is not maintaining an oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing. However, you may be surprised that even after brushing and flossing, you can suffer from gum diseases.

If the Periodontist Spring and Richmond, TX, 77388 find bleeding while examining your gums along with pockets which are deeper than 1mm, they will diagnose you with gum disease. Your gum disease may be in its first stage but you need to pay attention so that the disease doesn’t alleviate further and transform into Periodontitis.

According you dentists, a healthy gum is the one which is tightly attached to the teeth and has pockets that are 1mm or less. Also, there is no bleeding from healthy gums when they are examined. Some people may believe that probing can cause the gums to bleed but that’s not true. Healthy gums can never bleed and bleeding is a sign of gum disease and you need Gum Disease Treatments in Spring and Richmond, TX.

Implications of a Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection in your mouth and an infection in any part of the body is not going to make you feel good. In fact, did you know that your oral health is directly related to your gut health?

There is a common misconception that it is normal for gums to be anywhere between 1mm to 3 mm as long as they are not bleeding. But, pockets deeper than 1 mm means the bacteria are entering the sulcus which is a protective layer around bacterial colony.

The sulcus is the area between teeth and gums and there should ideally be no gap between them. But, if there is a gap in between, the bacteria will enter. When you brush regularly twice, you can at least prevent them from entering the pockets and getting a hold on them. This will make the pockets grow bigger and infection will increase.

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