Fixed Vs. Removable: Which Dentures Are Best for You?

Fixed Vs. Removable: Which Dentures Are Best for You?

March 21, 2023

Regardless of the innovations and evolutions in modern dentistry, tooth loss remains a prevalent issue. Many adults are still losing their natural teeth prematurely, even though teeth are supposed to last a lifetime. Fortunately, you do not have to remain toothless or without a few natural teeth. Oral devices like dentures have offered an attractive solution for patients with multiple missing teeth.

What Are Dentures?

They are oral appliances for replacing lost teeth. Dentures are renowned for replacing multiple missing teeth at a go. Many patients still associate dentures as ideal for toothless patients. However, dentures have evolved, providing solutions for patients with at least four missing teeth in a row. It means you do not necessarily need to get all your natural teeth removed to get dentures. Instead, you can benefit from partials. Therefore, if you ever doubted that dental implants or bridges are ideal for you, you may want to try dentures.

Exploring Fixed VS. Removable Dentures

When you visit your dentist in Humble, you have two options regarding dentures:

  • Removable dentures

They are the more available dentures for replacing teeth. Usually, you can wear and remove your artificial teeth as you want. It gives you flexibility, allowing your mouth to relax the rest of the time.

Are Removable Dentures Good?

There is a reason why removable dentures have remained popular over the years. Some of the reasons are:

  • Non-invasive procedure – you do not need surgery or any other invasive process to receive removable dentures.
  • Flexibility – many patients enjoy removing and wearing their artificial teeth when they want. It is especially the case when you need to sleep without dentures.
  • Fixed dentures

If the idea of your false teeth falling off your mouth overwhelms you, the best solution is fixed teeth dentures in Humble. These dentures are permanently installed in your jawbone, anchored to dental implants. Therefore, the prerequisite of fixed teeth dentures near you is that you undergo an implantation procedure. Depending on the number of teeth you have lost, your dentist will install a dental implant strategically in your mouth to support a partial or full denture.

Are Fixed Dentures Good?

If you are wondering why anyone would be willing to undergo an invasive procedure to receive dental implants before getting dentures, consider the following benefits of fixed dentures:

  • They mimic natural teeth – fixed dentures feature roots and crowns. Ideally, the dental implants will become the roots of your artificial teeth, while the dentures replace the exterior.
  • They promote jaw health – fixed dentures promote bone tissue regeneration that will help protect and preserve your jaw health.
  • They are sturdy – since fixed dentures have both an exterior and an anchor, they are sturdier than their counterparts. Many patients can chew and speak better with fixed dentures than the removable ones.
  • They are easy to maintain – the same way you treat your natural teeth is the same way you should your fixed dentures.
  • They last long – the limited flexibility of fixed dentures allows them to stay put like natural teeth. Therefore, they can last longer, especially if you are keen on dental care measures.

How Long Does a Fixed Denture Last?

Although the durability of your artificial teeth depends on your dental care missions, fixed dentures can last a long time. Typically, it should take between 10 and 20 years before you need to replace your dentures. Some patients have been able to keep their fixed dentures for longer than 20 years.

Which is The Better Alternative: Fixed or Removable Dentures?

Consider various factors when choosing the right oral appliance for your teeth. For one, do not undermine your preferences. There’s nothing wrong with wanting an option that is not too popular. Other factors you must consider are:

  • Your ability to maintain and preserve your dentures – a common problem with removable dentures is many patients lose them, forget to clean them, or damage them. If you are clumsy, fixed dentures are the better option.
  • Invasiveness of the procedure – removable dentures are better if you are unwilling to undergo surgery for permanent tooth replacement.
  • The cost of treatment – fixed dentures typically have an added cost because of the dental implants you must receive beforehand.
  • Durability and function of your artificial teeth – ultimately, you need a solution that will encourage optimal oral functionality and last long. For many cases, the ideal choice is fixed dentures.

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