Dental Habits and Your Overall Health

Dental Habits and Your Overall Health

November 10, 2017

It’s sometimes hard to connect the dots, so to speak, between good oral hygiene and overall health, but that doesn’t mean the connection doesn’t exist. The mouth is the main entry point for foreign (and harmful) organisms into your body. This means that if your oral health is lacking, then you are at an increased risk for diseases like oral cancer and gum disease that can cripple your quality of life, and even end it.

Why is it so Important?

The saliva in your mouth acts as an antibiotic against foreign invaders. It contains antibodies and enzymes that inhibit bacterial growth as well as attack viral infections and fungus. If you get a regular checkup from a dentist and you maintain healthy dental habits, then your saliva can do its job more effectively. Unfortunately, if you don’t hold up your end of the job, saliva can’t do it all on its own.

Saliva does its best to protect your mouth from harmful pathogens, but without regular teeth cleaning through brushing and flossing the bacterial colonies in your mouth will start to build up and form plaque, a clear film of harmful bacteria, on the surface of your teeth. This buildup of plaque can contribute to an increase of infections such as gum disease and even oral cancer. It is even possible, in some extreme cases, for bacteria from your mouth to enter your bloodstream and cause infections in other areas of your body.

What Can You do?

Oral health is, in many ways, linked to your overall health. Thankfully, if you are health conscious, it is not all that difficult to maintain. Common dental issues can easily be avoided with a regular checkup and dental cleaning. Regular brushing and flossing are always recommended to reduce plaque buildup and keep your teeth healthy.

If you maintain good oral hygiene, then you will not suffer the dangerous effects of plaque and diseases associated with bad oral health.

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