Choosing your dental restoration

Choosing your dental restoration

September 5, 2018

Our team offers a wide range of dental restorations designed to improve the appearance and function of our patient’s smiles. Regardless of what your oral health issues are, our staff can find the perfect restoration to turn your smile around. Continue reading to find out how you can choose your next dental restoration.

Choosing the Right Dental Restoration

Before deciding on a new dental restoration for your oral health, we will schedule a one-on-one consultation with our dentist to create a custom treatment plan specifically designed for you. Our experienced dentist will go over several different factors that will contribute to your restoration decision including the following:

  • Restoration Needs. The first thing to consider is determining what needs to be corrected and then finding the least invasive way to treat it. This reduces the risk of other issues from forming. Beginning the treatment quickly will also help to be more effective. Postponing a treatment may lead to more complications and an increased healthy period.
  • Aesthetic Goals. Several different restorations also help to improve the cosmetic appearance of a smile at the same time. It allows for patients to feel more confident while achieving a healthy smile.
  • Treatment Longevity. Our team provides high-quality restorations that are meant to last for many years. Patients need to consider how long they want their treatment to last. For example, dentures are used on a daily basis and require constant care while implants are a one-time treatment that is more permanent.

Our dental staff is prepared to offer each of the patients that walk through our door with increased information on how to correctly choose a restoration for any situation. Contact our local dental office to set up your next consultation with our dentist near you today.

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