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Nov,10 2017

Dental Habits and Your Overall Health

It’s sometimes hard to connect the dots, so to speak, between good oral hygiene and overall health, but that doesn’t mean the connection doesn’t exist. The mouth is the main entry point for foreign (and harmful) organisms into your body. This means that if your oral health is lacking, then you are at an increased…

Oct,18 2017

The Origin of Dental Floss

For decades, dentists have urged patients to practice daily flossing; however, only about 12% of Americans actually floss on a daily basis. Surprisingly the concept of flossing has been around for centuries; research has even shown evidence of Prehistoric dental flossing practices. So with such a vast history, why do most adults still neglect to…

Oct,11 2017

Do You Need Dental Insurance?

Your health insurance may cover a lot, but chances are, your teeth are not included. That can be problematic, since dental costs can add up quickly when a check-up takes a wrong turn: a necessary crown may cost up to $1,500, a root canal to save a severely damaged tooth may range from $300 to…