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Jul,16 2019

10 steps to perform an oral cancer screening.

Cases of oral cancer have been increasing day by day. Here are 10 steps to perform an oral cancer screening: 1. Extraoral examination The outer structures surrounding the mouth are examined first. The face: Symptoms include discoloration, swelling or even alteration in the structure of the face. The eyes: Even eyes can be swollen so…

Jul,08 2019

How Socket Preservation Helps After A Tooth Extraction

When the dentist in Spring extracts tooth irrespective of whether it is an impacted wisdom tooth or a severely decayed molar, it leaves behind a small hole. This spot can be very sensitive and the dentists recommend socket preservation to go along with your extraction. It’s important to protect the socket after tooth extraction for…

Jun,16 2019

Is Whitening Bad for Your Teeth?

We all desire to have a bright and white smile, but not everyone can take adequate care of our teeth and end up staining or discoloring our teeth. However, Charm Dental (Spring) in Spring Texas offers cosmetic dentistry services to offer you a white and a bright smile and enhance your appearance and confidence. Why…

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