Top 7 Indicators that You Have a Dental Emergency

When it comes to caring for your oral health, consider both small and big dental issues as significant enough to merit treatment. However, with dental emergencies, you must seek dental assistance urgently, if you want to maintain good oral health.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

It is an oral problem that is characterised by urgency, severity, and randomness. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any age. When they happen, they often disrupt life. While some dental emergencies are not as severe, some are very critical that they can be life-threatening. For example, a dental emergency that causes difficulty in breathing can cause adverse health problems to your entire body system.

Although many dental emergencies are random and unexpected, several of them are usually typical dental issues that progressed and advanced. The problem with many patients is that they neglect small dental issues, leaving them untreated for a long time. With time, the issues progress and advance, resulting in urgent dental issues that can no longer be avoided.

Common Indicators that You Have a Dental Emergency

When it comes to identifying a dental emergency, it is not always obvious. Many times patients rely on their gut feeling, but they can sometimes be wrong. Since many dental problems can turn into dental emergencies, consider the following signs and symptoms as indicators that you need emergency dentistry near you:

  1. Prolonged bleeding – the mouth is amazing when it comes to regulating bleeding therein. Therefore, if you notice that you have been bleeding for a while and it does not naturally resolve itself, you may have a dental emergency. Be keen to take note of the amount of blood you are losing, as well as identifying the specific bleed spot in your mouth.
  2. Unusually high pain levels – all kinds of pain are uncomfortable. However, when the pain levels are usually high, they can be unbearable. Any pain that limits you from going about your daily life is excruciating enough to merit a dental emergency. In that case, seek help in emergency dentistry in Richmond, TX, regardless of which part of your oral cavity is causing you pain.
  3. Significant swelling in your mouth and/face – the body responds to infections and blunt trauma with inflammation. However, even though inflammation is an expected consequence when you have a dental problem, it should be manageable. Any kind of swelling that is highly notable should be alarming. This is especially so if the swelling begins to spread to other parts of your upper body, like the face and neck.
  4. Open wounds – this is the easiest dental emergency to identify. When you have an open wound in your mouth, there is no further explanation needed to indicate a dental emergency. Be especially attentive to evaluate the size of the open wound, as this could be detrimental for your oral health if the wound gets infected.
  5. Foreign objects stuck between teeth – this is another common oral emergency among children and teenagers. Any number of objects can be stuck in between teeth. The larger the size of the object, the more uncomfortable and threatening the situation is. Instead of trying to dislodge the object with sharp items in your household, which may make everything worse, consider this problem and urgent dental issue needing emergency treatment.
  6. Affiliate symptoms – sometimes the signs you need to look out for do not necessarily affect your oral cavity. For many dental emergencies in Richmond, TX, the effects thereof can be felt on other parts of your body. This is typical for dental emergencies like food allergies as well as temporomandibular joint disorders. Some of the affiliate symptoms to consider are migraine headaches, neck pain, sore and swollen throat, tingling sensation in your ears, difficulty moving your tongue, nausea, and vomiting, to mention a few.
  7. Missing or damaged oral appliance – this is a common dental emergency in Richmond among children and adults. Any oral appliance can get damaged, whether braces, tooth fillings, dental crowns, or dentures. The most alarming case is when you lose your oral device and can’t find it. Losing or damaging dental appliances is considered a dental emergency because it compromises the treatment you are currently undergoing. Without urgent care, the progress you have made since your initial treatment will all go down the drain.

Benefits of Visiting a Saturday Dentist

Dental care is among the specialities of medicine that is under-appreciated by many people. While people know that it is essential to care for their oral health proactively, few of them do it. Part of proactive oral care entails regular dental visits, allowing your dentist to monitor and manage your oral cavity. However, many people view this as a cumbersome and otherwise unnecessary practice.

Unfortunately, due to reduced dental visits, many patients have to visit dental emergency dental clinics for treatment, and what would be their first dental visit. This does not have to be your story. Dental care in the modern day is more convenient and friendly to day-to-day life routines that people have. Ideally, with a Saturday dentist near you, you can enjoy proper dental care without necessarily affecting or disrupting your day-to-day lifestyle.

Who Is a Saturday Dentist?

A Saturday dentist in Spring is a dental expert that is available for dental works on Saturdays. Ideally, these kinds of dentists open their dental clinics on the weekends to attend to the dental needs of their patients.

What Do These Dentists Do?

Dental experts who open their clinics on Saturdays are not particularly from one specialty of dentistry. As is, you can find different types of dentists that open on weekends. This means that in a dental clinic near you that opens on Saturday, you may find an orthodontist, periodontist, endodontist, family dentist, general dentist, to mention a few. The role of a Saturday dentist is to provide dental care services to patients on weekends. In that case, bank on the fact that Saturday dentists can cater to different dental issues by offering services in preventive dental care, restorative dental care, and even emergency dental care.

What Are the Benefits of Saturday Dentists?

When it comes to your oral health, choosing a dental expert is as important as any dental treatment you consider. As is, it is paramount that you find a dentist that can allow you to enjoy peace of mind when going about your daily business.

  1. Convenience – if you are a busy person, it can be difficult to spare any time for dental care. However, with a dentist open on Saturday near you, you can stop by on the weekends, which is mostly when many people are free. This means that there is no excuse for missing dental appointments or holding off on dental exams and cleanings because of busy work life.
  2. Flexibility – dentists open on Saturdays are among the most flexible dental experts. You can capitalise on their flexibility when you book appointments for your dental visits. You do not need to take time off work or get nervous about confronting your inflexible boss. When it comes to caring for your oral health, you can put your dental needs first by locating a Saturday dentist near you.
  3. Expediency regarding downtime – one of the problematic issues many people identify with dental care has to do with downtime. After your procedure, you need a day or two to recover. This means that if you are seeking treatment on a weekday, you may need to be off work for another day other than the day of your treatment. Saturday dentists in Spring, TX offer an alternative to patients, so they still have Sunday as a rest day before they can resume their work schedule on weekdays.
  4. Immediate dental assistance for oral emergencies – the nature of medical emergencies is that they are urgent, severe, and unpredictable. At any given point in your life, you can have an oral emergency that requires immediate attention. If such a situation happens to you on a Saturday, wouldn’t you be glad to find a dentist that opens on Saturday near you? You do not have to wait until Monday before you can get your oral cavity checked and treated.
  5. Reduced wait time – for busy dental facilities, you may have to wait in line for a while before you get served. However, thanks to Saturday dentists, the workload is often reduced in such facilities. People can visit dental clinics near them on different days of the week. This translates to shorter queues and quick dental appointments.

Cosmetic Smile: Is It Worth Getting?

Yes, a cosmetic smile is worth every penny. There are several things that affect the appearance of our smiles, but luckily, there are as many procedures that can fix the problems. The procedures are designed to appear as natural as possible. In this blog, we will discuss more about cosmetic dentistry to help you make an informed decision. We are here for you if you require cosmetic dentistry in Spring, TX.

Fast Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Cosmetic dentistry improves your smile as well as your oral health.
  • Some cosmetic procedures such as bonding can be used for restorative purposes.
  • A beautiful smile can improve your first impression.
  • A beautiful smile can make you a happier person. When you smile, your body releases endorphins, making you feel happier. The good thing is the body will release endorphins whether the smile is genuine or not. When you have a beautiful smile, you will smile more.
  • There are several cosmetic procedures and a procedure for every problem.
  • Each procedure is different and costs differently.
  • Cosmetic dentistry is not covered by dental insurance.

Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry

As cosmetic dentistry becomes more popular, there have come many myths. These myths have been so widespread that many people think that they are facts. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Cosmetic procedures weaken one’s teeth: That’s no true, and no studies or evidence are supporting these claims.
  • Cosmetic procedures are super expensive: This is not true either. Each procedure is unique and costs differently. Some treatments like teeth whitening are quite affordable, while others like veneers are relatively expensive.
  • Cosmetic smiles look unnatural: On the contrary, no one will even know you underwent cosmetic treatment. Most procedures do not touch the structure of your natural teeth.
  • Cosmetic procedures are super painful: No, this not accurate. Cosmetic procedures are as painless as any other dental procedure. The dentist will not even need to use anesthesia during the procedures. Therefore, you can drive yourself home after the procedure.

Top Cosmetic Procedures

There are several cosmetic treatments. It is essential to familiarize yourself with them so that you can choose the most appropriate for your condition. Here are the most common ones:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is, by far, the most common cosmetic dental procedure. It involves the use of whitening products such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to get rid of food-caused stains. Typically, it is a fast procedure that will not take you more than one hour in the dental clinic.

The dentist uses the right amounts of whitening products to ensure that there is no adverse effect on your enamel. It is quite affordable, and it works for most people. However, some stains cannot be eliminated by whitening products. In such cases, the dentist will advise you on the next course of action.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is usually conducted to close wide gaps between teeth or correct misaligned teeth. It involves the use of traditional metal braces or modern clear aligners such as Invisalign ® and ClearCorrect®. The treatment takes between six and 18 months, depending on the extent of the problem.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are often used to cover discoloration that couldn’t be gotten rid of through teeth whitening. They are made of durable tooth-colored materials. Sometimes, veneers can be used as an alternative for orthodontic treatment to close gaps between teeth. Talk to us if you require cosmetic dentistry near you in Spring, TX.

Dental Bonding

Bonding is usually used for chipped and broken teeth. The bonding material is made of tooth-colored material, and it fixes the chipped or broken part as naturally as possible. Sometimes, bonding can be used as an alternative for dental fillings. Furthermore, it can be used to cover discolored teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth or more, your smile is affected. This is especially if you lose a front tooth. There are several replacements, but none beats cosmetic dental implants. They are pretty much like your natural teeth in terms of functionality and appearance.

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This is Why You Should Consider Getting Your Teeth Whitened

At least 32 percent of the US adult population is concerned about the appearance of their smiles. In fact, some people go to the lengths of masking their teeth when posting photos on Social Media. The major reason why many people are not proud of their smiles is tooth discoloration.

Luckily, teeth whitening can change your discolored teeth into sparkly ones in less than one hour. In this blog, we will discuss whitening in detail to help you make an informed decision. We are here for you if you are looking for teeth whitening in Richmond, TX.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Typically, most people tend to think that people with discolored teeth don’t maintain proper oral hygiene. While that might be true, it is not always the case. Teeth discoloration can be caused by medications, water with a lot of fluorides, or enamel thinning.

Enamel thinning happens as we get older, but it can be accelerated by acidic drinks such as soda and alcohol. The acids erode the white enamel, exposing the yellow dentin. In most cases, discoloration caused by enamel thinning cannot be fixed through whitening.

Luckily, most cases of teeth discoloration are a result of food stains. Discoloration caused by food stains is easy to deal with, and you can have a sparkly smile within an hour or so after a visit to the dental clinic. Furthermore, the dentist can always recommend an alternative if teeth whitening does not work for you.

What is Teeth Whitening?

It is the use of whitening chemicals such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten discolored teeth. There are two major types of whitening, at-home techniques, and in-office whitening. Both work, but we highly recommend in-office whitening.

Why Choose In-Office Whitening?

While using whitening chemicals on your own can still work, it is not always the best bet. Here is why in-office whitening is the better option:

A Brighter Smile

The obvious reason for getting your teeth whitened is so that you can have a sparkly smile. The dentist will remove all the stains, and your teeth will be as white as they were when you were young. Talk to us if you are looking for teeth whitening 77469, Richmond.

Improved Oral Health

When you have a beautiful smile, you will do everything to maintain the spark for the longest time. You will brush your teeth after every meal, floss daily, use mouthwash, and visit the dentist at least every six months. What’s more, the dentist will most probably clean your teeth before whitening them, getting rid of any plaque buildup.

A Sparkly Smile Makes You More Attractive

Typically, a smile is one of the first things that most people notice about you. Many people associate a beautiful smile with beauty, intelligence, cleanliness, and friendliness. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with such a person?

Improves Your Self-Confidence

When you are not proud of the appearance of your smile, there is a high likelihood that you will rarely smile. This affects one’s self-confidence, especially among teens. But after your teeth are whitened, you will not mind smiling at your crush or anyone else, which can do a world of good to your confidence.

Speed and Reliability

With at-home whitening techniques, you have to wait a few weeks before you can see positive results. Furthermore, there is always the risk of overusing the whitening products, increasing sensitivity.

But with in-office whitening, you can see the results within an hour. What’s more, the dentist uses the right amounts of whitening chemicals. Therefore, there is no risk of damaging your enamel. We are here for you if you require teeth whitening near you in Richmond.

Customized Treatment

Every patient is unique, and there is no one treatment that fits all. What works for your friend might not necessarily work for you. Dentists know this, and that’s why they customize whitening options to ensure they use the most appropriate for your discoloration.

Whitening is Affordable

Many people think that in-office whitening is super expensive, but that is not the case. The procedure is quite affordable, and anyone can go for it. Yes, it is not covered by insurance, but it is the most affordable cosmetic dental procedure.

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Why Choose Invisalign® Treatment?

Regular use of teeth makes it weak in structure and might lose its natural color. Apart from chewing food, teeth help to speak distinctly and to boost self-esteem. Modern dentistry has evolved dramatically and dentists in Spring, TX, have a clear understanding and expertise in dealing with dental issues. Cosmetic dentistry can conceal dental imperfections in terms of texture, structure, or color.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are also known as Invisalign and serve as an excellent means of an orthodontic device. The Invisalign® is made from plastic and is a transparent form of dental braces that adjust crooked or misaligned teeth.

Invisalign in Spring, TX, is becoming common in recent days due to its multiple benefits. Necessarily the Invisalign is the substitute for metal braces that straighten the crooked teeth without being noticed. Invisalign are a series of clear aligners that cover the teeth and exert gentle yet continuous pressure to pull the misaligned teeth in place. Being clear and transparent, the Invisalign goes unnoticed and can be removed at will.

Invisalign is made from BPA-free plastics and is more comfortable to use. You can lead a hassle-free life with Invisalign as you need not bother about the metal wires or braces. With Invisalign, the cuts in the oral cavity and tongue are bygone.

Who Can Wear Invisalign?

Invisalign near Spring, TX, is administered by dentists and is means of improving dental orientation. There is no age bar to get Invisalign. Both teenagers, as well as adults, can wear clear aligners. The Invisalign are worn to close gaps between teeth and correct overbite, underbite, overcrowded teeth, and crossbite.

Although all can wear Invisalign, teenagers are not a good candidate for Invisalign as their teeth tend to develop quickly. The Invisalign is a custom-made orthodontic prosthesis that needs to be altered at regular intervals. Invisalign aims to change the shape of the development of teeth by exerting gentle yet continuous pressure. Once the teeth tend to shift position, you need to get a new Invisalign.

Care of Invisalign

Invisalign becomes part of your oral cavity, and care for your teeth is enough for Invisalign with regular use. Use of a non-abrasive toothpaste is recommended for cleaning Invisalign. Soaking the Invisalign can increase their longevity. It is better not to eat with Invisalign on, as it might cause discoloration of the Invisalign. Biting of nails or clenching of teeth with Invisalign can chirp or break the Invisalign.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign opens up new avenues and opportunities for most. You might try Invisalign near you from various dental offices and experience the difference. To list some of the benefits are:

Virtually Invisible

With Invisalign, you can get all the benefits of metal braces and even more without suffering from the agony of braces. For you, braces might be unappealing, but with Invisalign, you need not worry about the piece of metal showing from your teeth or the metal wires that might cause injury to the tongue or lips. Invisalign are transparent yet aligns crooked or misfit teeth.

Short Span of Treatment

Invisalign offers quick results compared to other orthodontic prostheses. You can align the misaligned or crooked teeth within a year and a half. On the contrary, metal braces take about five years to produce an identical result.

Better Dental Health

Straight teeth reduce the chances of cavities. Straight teeth do not give space for bacterial activity and deposition of tartar. By reducing dental gaps, you can clean your teeth effectively.

Saves Time

Getting Invisalign can be completed in a single visit to the dentist. A set of Invisalign needs changing after six weeks, and the time spent at the dentist is also less compared to other orthodontic processes.

Safe and comfortable

Invisalign is made from BPA-free plastics and is custom-made. Both these features make Invisalign safe and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Dentist for Invisalign

If you are suffering from any of these dental issues, Invisalign can be a good option for you. Invisalign in 77388 is provided by Charm Dental (Spring) by experienced dentists. We provide free x-ray and dental examinations for all new patients and free take-home teeth whitening solutions. You can call us to book an appointment and get Invisalign.


Are Porcelain Veneers Worth It?

Yes, porcelain veneers are worth it based on how and why they are fixed. Porcelain veneers have become very popular in the last couple of years probably because of the desire to have a bright smile. While most people are getting veneers, some of us are skeptical about having them fixed. One reason is that there is a lot of information circulating about veneers and their effectiveness.

But, despite the misinformation, porcelain veneers near you, are effective in correcting your dental imperfections, and here are two reasons why:

1. They Are Natural Looking

We have several dental problems like the bonding that can correct the appearance of the teeth. But, the material does not match your teeth as the veneers can. Porcelain veneers in Richmond, TX are made to match your natural teeth and create a seamless look. Most people will not detect the difference between the teeth unless they come close. Also, our dentist in Richmond, TX, will first whiten your teeth and chose the best shade that aligns with your teeth.

2. They Are Strong and Long-lasting

Porcelain veneers are durable and mostly last between 10 and 15 years with proper care, but you will have them fixed after that.

However, it is worth noting that how long the veneers last will depend on how you care for them. It is important to have proper dental practices to keep the veneers intact. Although the porcelain veneers in 77469 are stain-resistant, they can still discolor and when they do, you will need to replace them. It is also important to avoid using your teeth as a tool for opening bottles or biting your nails as this will make the veneers weaken.


Q. How Are the Veneers Fixed?

Getting the porcelain veneers near Richmond, TX will need two dental visits and the process involves a few steps.

  • Dental examination and planning 

The dentist will do a comprehensive checkup before beginning the procedure. The examination is to determine the condition of the teeth, gum, and jaw bone. This will also help the dentist to determine if the porcelain veneers are a suitable treatment.

  • Teeth preparation 

Your teeth need a little preparation to make room for the veneer and make it easy for the shells to stick. The dentist will remove a thin layer of the enamel depending on the thickness of the porcelain veneers chosen. Local anesthesia is used to numb the gums and reduce the sensitivity during the enamel reshaping process. The dentist will take a cast of your teeth to make the porcelain veneers.

Since it takes around three to four weeks to get the veneers, the dentist will cover the teeth with temporary ones.

If you want to bypass this process, you can get composite veneers. These are made at the dental office on the day of the appointment. While they are same-day veneers, they are not as durable. They are also prone to stains and can chip and crack.

You can also try the lumineers, which work as the porcelain ones, but do not need the trimming to be fixed.

  • Fixing the permanent veneers

The dentist will remove the temporary shells and clean the teeth to remove any debris. Next, he will examine the color and shade of the veneers. If the color is a bit off, the dentist will use the cement to correct the color. The veneers are cemented in place with a block of cement and hardened using laser light. The excess cement is trimmed and teeth polished to match the rest of the teeth.

  • Q. Who is Eligible for The Porcelain Veneers?

As effective as the porcelain veneers are, they are not for everyone. These veneers are not ideal for people who suffer from bruxism or constant clenching and grinding of the teeth. If your existing enamel is thin, the dentist may recommend other treatment options. You may also need other dental treatments if you have weak teeth or extensive decay.

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