Extraction and Socket Preservation in Spring and Richmond, TX

Extraction and Socket Preservation in Spring and Richmond, TX

February 20, 2020

At Charm Dental in Spring and Richmond, TX, our top priority is helping our patients maintain healthy teeth and smiles, but unfortunately, situations do occur where the extraction of a tooth may be the best treatment option available. In most cases, tooth extraction is a simple procedure; however, certain cases may be a complex tooth extraction, requiring a bit more work. Some of the most common reasons a patient needs a tooth extraction include:

  • Dental Trauma
  • Severe Tooth Decay
  • Severe Tooth Infection
  • Impacted Teeth
  • Overcrowded Teeth
  • Gum Disease

Extractions at Charm Dental start at $199*.

Simple Tooth Extraction

Simple tooth extraction is used when a patient has a tooth that is visible and has erupted without any problems. A special dental tool called an elevator would be used to loosen the damaged tooth. Once the damaged tooth has been loosened, forceps will be used to remove the affected tooth. This procedure is absolutely painless and most people can return to work in 30mins after the procedure.

Complex Tooth Extraction

For patients with teeth that are impacted, broken, or severely damaged, complex tooth extraction may be necessary. Unlike a simple extraction, an incision must be made to remove all of the teeth properly. This procedure is absolutely painless and most people can return to work the next day with mild discomfort.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

At some point in life, most Americans have their wisdom teeth removed. This is usually due to their wisdom teeth being impacted or erupting and causing other complications. If you are curious as to whether you need your wisdom teeth removed, schedule an appointment at Charm Dental. This procedure is absolutely painless and most people can return to work in a day or two with some restrictions.

Tooth Restoration Options

Missing teeth can affect not only the appearance of your smile but also the functionality, resulting in bone loss, decay, and even teeth shifting. After your extraction, we can discuss different treatment options available to replace your extracted tooth.

Bone Grafting

One option for replacing lost teeth is by using dental implants. This is a surgical procedure in which bone material (bone graft) is placed onto an area where the bone is lacking. As the site heals, the body will deposit new bone cells to the area to build up the amount of bone there. This procedure is used when a patient does not currently have sufficient bone structure to support dental implants. It can also be used to restore bone loss that has resulted from periodontal disease to prevent tooth loss. We highly recommend bone grafting procedures be done at the same time as the extraction to get best results.


Anxious, nervous, scared? Don’t worry, we got you ! We offer sedation options at Charm Dental to provide most comfortable experience. We work to help our patients in Spring and Richmond, TX, to maintain healthy smiles, but we want to do so while keeping those patients comfortable and calm. Sedation can be used to minimize pain or discomfort as well as to help patients who are scared or anxious, including children. Call us today and schedule an Appointment with Dr. Mehta to see if you are a right candidate for sedation

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