Using the Tooth Fairy to Protect Baby Teeth

As the neighborhood dentist near you, we officially want to celebrate tooth fairy day! The tooth fairy and pediatric dentistry go together like healthy peas and carrots. As the official tooth fairy dentist near you, we would like to talk about the history behind the tooth fairy and the traditions about baby teeth.

The History of the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is an age-old tradition, dating back to the early middle ages. Across many cultures, the protection of baby teeth was critical. Emerging from ancient superstition, the tooth fairy would protect children’s teeth from witches by taking the teeth and leaving a gift. If the tooth fell into the hands of a witch, the witch could gain control over your life and hex the child. By taking the tooth, the tooth fairy would protect the child. The parents of the time would often throw teeth in fires or crush them and scatter them over vast distances to protect their children from the hex of witches.

When and Why Children Lose Their Teeth

Children begin to lose their teeth at age six to make room for adult teeth. The mouth grows, and the more prominent adult teeth emerge or erupt and push on the baby teeth. The baby teeth begin to loosen, eventually, loosen so much that they fall out. Sometimes it takes a year or so for the teeth to start being replaced, but once one tooth begins to relax, it won’t be long until many more teeth follow.

Caring for Baby Teeth to Promote Good Oral Hygiene

Babies need their teeth brushed just like adults do. It falls on the caretaker to do that for the child since babies obviously can’t do it independently as an older child would. They should be taught the importance of clean teeth as they age into a toddler, and tooth fairy pediatric dentistry is one way to do that. Making sure that children follow good oral hygiene practices and avoid sugary foods is the best thing a parent can do to promote dental health. Never let your child drink sugary drinks, especially sodas!

We are happy to be the dentist near you who is the official tooth fairy dentist near you! If you have any questions or need an appointment, contact us today.

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