What You Need to Know on Tooth Extraction

Teeth help us to smile, speak, and eat food. Despite their importance, at times, it’s inevitable to undergo a tooth extraction. Are you due for one? Read through to know more about teeth extraction in Richmond, TX.

  1. We Only Do Tooth Extraction When Needed

Your permanent teeth are supposed to last for a lifetime. Our dentist highly discourages tooth extraction unless the situation warrants. However, there are circumstances in which we recommend tooth extractions, such as:

  • A severely damaged tooth from trauma or decay.
  • Severe tooth infection.
  • A crowded mouth.
  1. No, Teeth Removal is Not Painful

Tooth extraction can hurt. However, our dentist applies local anesthesia to eliminate the pain. Hence, the procedure is painless. Before tooth extraction in Springs, TX, inform us of your medical history.  Also, mention if on any medication or supplements.

First, we take x-rays to give us a view of the length, position of your teeth, and the surrounding bone. Guided by the results and the level of your anxiety, we will perform either a simple or a surgical procedure.

  • Simple extraction. It’s done on visible teeth in the mouth. Our dentist will numb the tooth and the gum tissue. Then, we will use a dental instrument (elevator) to loosen the tooth. Finally,  pull the tooth with forceps. During the procedure, you feel pressure but not pain.
  • Surgical extraction. Our dentist in Richmond, TX, may recommend it for broken teeth at the gumline or a tooth that hasn’t come into the mouth. You will get local anesthesia and oral sedation. Depending on the procedure, you may receive general anesthesia as well. It will make you unconscious.  Our dentist will use a small incision to cut into the gum then extract the teeth.
  1. Expect Some Pain After the Teeth are Extracted

After extracting the teeth, we will request you to gently bite down a dry, sterile gauze to control bleeding as clotting occurs. Keep changing the bandage to prevent it from getting soaked with blood. Otherwise, leave the compress for three to four hours after tooth extraction. As the anesthesia wears off, expect some pain and discomfort. But, the dentist will prescribe pain relievers to ease the discomfort.

If you experience severe pain after lengthy tooth extraction in Spring TX, we will prescribe a more potent painkiller. However, if the pain is unbearable, contact us immediately.

  1. Post-extraction Care is Required 

Remember to keep the tooth extraction site clean to prevent infection. As you heal from surgery,  the following self-care tips will help:

  • Take pain killers as prescribed.
  • Use an ice pack for ten minutes to relieve swelling. The swelling improves after two to three days.
  • Rest for at least 24 hours following the procedure.
  • Avoid strenuous activities.
  • After 24 hours, prepare and use a mouth rinse with warm water and salt.
  • Don’t smoke nor drink from a straw.
  • Eat soft foods such as yogurt. You can add solid foods gradually as you heal.

The most important thing as you heal is to follow our dentist in Spring TX instructions.  Remember to brush and floss daily but keep off the surgical.

There May be Complications

You may encounter some complications, e.g., a dry socket after tooth extraction. Dry socket occurs if a blood clot does not form on the site or dissolves before the wound heals. Contact our dentist if this happens. We will put a sedative dressing on the area to protect it for a few days as a new clot form. Other complications include:

  • Bleeding for over 12 hours
  • Severe chills and fever, it may be a sign of an infection.
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Cough
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling and redness at the extraction site

Usually, healing takes one to two weeks. The healing period can be longer or shorter, depending on the patient or type of tooth extraction.

Take Away 

For successful and uncomplicated teeth extraction in Richmond, TX, follow our dentist recommendation before and after the procedure. If you experience severe pain or symptoms of fever, contact Charm Dental clinic soonest. We value our patients, and we walk with patients until full recovery.

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