Cosmetic Dentistry in Texas

Cosmetic dentistry has witnessed quite the changes thanks to advances in technology. It is now possible to correct different dental flaws and improve patients’ smiles. In definition, cosmetic dentistry is concerned with the dental procedures that are offered to help improve how teeth look and feel. The alterations can change the shape, size, color, and position of teeth to make them appealing to the eye.

Patients can sign up for cosmetic dentistry in Spring and Richmond, TX, any time they feel displeased with the appearance of their teeth. Ideally, there is no one dental treatment that fits all in cosmetic dentistry. Depending on the underlying issues you have, your dentist will determine which dental procedures will work best to improve the appearance of your teeth.

What Procedures Are Used in Cosmetic Dentistry?

  1. Teeth whitening Teeth whitening is probably the most common type of cosmetic procedure. It is offered on patients who have stained teeth. Discoloration on teeth can be caused by different factors, including aging, thinning of the enamel, poor oral hygiene, plaque and tartar buildup, medication, to mention a few. A dentist will recommend teeth whitening as the first solution to discolored teeth, even though it is not the only solution.
  2. Dental bonding Dental bonding capitalizes on tooth-colored resin material to restore the appearance of teeth. Bonding can be used for broken teeth, cracks in teeth, tooth decay, as well as discolored teeth. The procedure is a noninvasive one because it covered the surfaces of teeth to hide the flaws thereof.
  3. Dental veneers Dental veneers are protective devices made of porcelain or composite material that is placed on surfaces of teeth. The veneers are put in place to cover the tooth and improve their appearance. They treat cracks in teeth, gaps, slightly crooked teeth as well as discolored teeth.
  4. Porcelain crowns Dental crowns are also cosmetic appliances that are used in improving the state of teeth. They are more invasive than dental bonding or cosmetic veneers. This is so because dental caps cover the entire tooth. However, they last longer because of their ability to restore strength in teeth, all while improving the appearance. Dental crowns are used to correct decayed teeth, broken or cracked teeth, missing teeth, to mention a few. The advantage of dental crowns is that they reinforce the strength of teeth, particularly the back ones that have to handle pressure from chewing.
  5. Teeth shaping Teeth shaping involves altering the enamel of the tooth to give it a better-looking shape. Usually, a dentist will trim off large teeth enamel and reshape it to look like the other teeth. In other cases, the enamel is filled to make it larger and fuller in appearance.
  6. Orthodontic treatment Orthodontic treatment can be sued as a cosmetic procedure because it helps achieve a better smile. Ideally, the treatment involves the use of traditional braces, clear aligners, mouthguards, retainers, among other dental devices. The devices are attached to teeth to straighten them by instituting a shift. Traditional braces are common for kids and teens, while most adults prefer clear aligners like invisible braces or Invisalign®.
  7. Dental implant Dental implants are an excellent solution for patients with missing teeth. They offer a more permanent solution than most procedures. An implant is infused in your jaw to replace the missing tooth. The treatment, however, works alongside dental crowns. You can select the tooth crown of your choice, depending on the material you prefer. Some patients prefer gold, while others go for tooth-colored dental crowns.
  8. Dental bridges Dental bridges are available for patients who have missing teeth. A dental bridge is as effective as its foundation. It is why they are an alternative best suited for patients that have a couple of teeth remaining. The procedure requires the reinforcement of dental crowns or dental implants to be successful. An artificial tooth is placed in the gap of the missing tooth. It can either be supported by dental crowns attached to adjacent teeth, or to an implant in the jaw.

Are You Cut For Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is popular for adults. Since they have permanent teeth, trying to retain more of their natural teeth while maintaining good aesthetic appearance matters. However, children and adults can also qualify for cosmetic dentistry, especially orthodontic treatment.

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