Resolving Common Family Dental Issues

At Charm Dental we are proud to offer comprehensive dental care for your entire family! We often get asked by patients what common dental issues exist and how they can resolve or even prevent them. Charm Dental sees a lot of patients on a daily basis, however, among families, there are usually common issues, which include:

Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known halitosis is a very common condition that affects much of the population. Bad breath is often caused by poor oral hygiene and improper dental care, making sure to practice proper at-home dental care and schedule routine, professional care can greatly reduce your risk of suffering from bad breath. We also recommend scraping/brushing your tongue daily, many patients miss the bacteria living on their tongue which directly contribute to bad breath. Schedule your routine teeth cleaning in Spring and Richmond today.

Tooth Decay/Cavities

Tooth decay and cavities are another extremely common dental issues that affect children, adults and even the elderly. Tooth decay is also caused by improper dental care and poor oral hygiene, diet is also known to have an effect. We recommend practicing proper at-home dental care, including brushing twice daily and flossing once daily. You should also visit your dentist twice a year for an oral examination and dental cleaning in Spring and Richmond, TX.

Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal “gum” disease is another extremely common condition, in fact, it affects more than 65,000,000 Americans. Periodontal gum disease is caused by a variety of factors, however, poor oral hygiene and improper dental care once again is the biggest factor. Routine professional dental care along with proper at-home dental care regimen can reduce a patient’s risk of periodontal gum disease. Treatment options are also available to manage the symptoms of the condition once it is too late to cure.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

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Gum disease affects millions of Americans alone each year. It is a common issue among adults and children, yet it can be avoided altogether with the help of your experienced dentist. Our team at Charm Dental is eager to provide patients with facts and tips on how to take proper care of their gums and maintain a healthy smile. Continue reading on to learn of six ways you can keep your gums healthy with the help of our dentist in spring. TX, 77388.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease begins with the buildup of plaque along the teeth and gums. The harmful bacterias can quickly lead to an infection that can ultimately lead to tooth decay. The symptoms of gum disease include gums that are red, swollen, bleeding, and tender.

How Can You Keep Your Gums Healthy?

  • Flossing your teeth everyday is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain a healthy smile. It helps to get rid of debris and tartar that is hard to reach with just a toothbrush.
  • Book regular dental cleanings with your dentist in Spring and Richmond. Our dental team can easily detect gum issues early on and they are easiest to manage with early detection. These cleanings also help to eliminate the buildup of plaque.
  • Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue at least twice a day. A soft bristle brush is the best as it is not too hard on your enamel. Replace your toothbrush every couple of months.
  • Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps to strengthen teeth.
  • Invest in a therapeutic mouthwash. A rinse is the perfect way to ensure you are getting all the debris out of your mouth.
  • Quit the harmful habit of smoking. Smoking is harmful to your overall health and has a negative impact on your oral health as well. Smoking has been found to be strongly associated to gum disease as it weakens your bodies immune system.

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