Brushing Teeth with Activated Charcoal

If you keep up on the latest trends of how to naturally whiten your teeth, you might have heard of the new natural routine of brushing your teeth with activated charcoal. Of course, before you start any new whitening regiment, you should see a dentist near you or go to a dental office in Spring and Richmond, TX.

What Activated Charcoal is:

When you hear about activated charcoal, your mind might jump to the kind you use out on the barbeque during the summer. However, activated charcoal is much different. It is processed charcoal and then pressed with zinc and oxygen. This is the exact same thing that doctors give people who have overdosed or been poisoned. You might have heard of stomach pumping. It is completely safe and easy to take. It works by binding to toxins on teeth and then removing them.

Using Activated Charcoal:

One thing you want to remember is that activated charcoal is messy. It can get everywhere, so prepare for that when you’re preparing to use it. There are certain things you can do to minimize the mess.

First, open up the capsules in a wide-rimmed bowl or into a glass. The capsules can be pretty difficult to open. If you aren’t ready, they can go everywhere and even end up flying up into the air.

Make sure you get your toothbrush wet before attempting to apply the charcoal. This can aide it in sticking to the brush better instead of just sliding off.

When you need to spit, spit under water to try and contain your mess.

Don’t use your regular toothbrush to brush with charcoal. It can be incredibly frustrating to try and get off.

Facts About the Process:

Charcoal has no flavor, so don’t worry that you’ll be stuck tasting smoke for the entirety of your brushing time. It’s also not gritty which is nice.

After brushing with charcoal, make sure you do a regular brush as well to remove any excess charcoal that you might have missed when rinsing and spitting.

You can have visibly whiter teeth after just one brush! This is a great natural way to white your teeth without exposing them to dangerous chemicals.

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