Are Dental Crowns Right for You?

Do you have severe decay or damage and have been told you aren’t a candidate for a dental filling? Just underwent root canal therapy? There are a variety of reasons a dental crown might be recommended to you as treatment, today Charm Dental in Spring and Richmond, TX is going to discuss the most common reasons for and benefits of dental crown placement.

About Dental Crowns

A dental crown is essentially a cap which is designed to look just like a natural tooth that is placed over an entire tooth. Once bonded, dental crowns provide strength for the affected tooth, reduce the risk of future complications and can improve the appearance of your smile. Dental crowns are designed to blend with your smile; most people won’t even notice you’ve undergone treatment.

Why Dental Crowns?

  • Extensive Damage/Decay – When a patient is experiencing extensive tooth decay or damage to a tooth, a dental crown may be required to save the tooth from breaking or becoming infected.
  • Dental Filling Replacement – When a dental filling becomes compromised and is no longer providing protection for the teeth, a dental crown may be recommended as a replacement to restore the affected tooth.
  • Root Canal Therapy – Following root canal treatment, it is recommended to place a dental crown to provide additional support for the affected tooth, reduce the risk of retreatment and to give the tooth a more appealing look.
  • Dental Bridges – When a dental bridge is required, dental crowns are often used on adjacent natural teeth in order to properly support and secure the dental bridge.
  • Dental Implants – When single dental implants are being used, a dental crown is used to provide a “prosthetic” tooth, restoring the appearance, health, and function of the patient’s smile.

Get Dental Crowns in Spring and Richmond, TX

Think that you may benefit from one of our Spring and Richmond dental crowns? Schedule your appointment with Charm Dental today! We’d be happy to evaluate your smile to determine if a dental crown is right for you.

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