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Feb,07 2018

What You Should Know About Gum Disease Treatment

So you’ve been told you have “gum disease”? You may be wondering about things like: What is gum disease? What are the signs of gum disease? How is gum disease treated? Is gum disease curable? Luckily, Charm Dental in Spring, TX has the answers for you! What is gum disease? Gum disease—commonly referred to by…

Jan,31 2018

How Often Do You Need a Teeth Cleaning?

Why Teeth Cleaning Is Important Teeth slowly accumulate plaque and tartar, which must be removed in order to keep the teeth healthy. Plaque and tartar forms on EVERYONE’S teeth regardless of oral care, diet or other factors. The Frequency of Teeth Cleaning The accepted standard for dental visit frequency is twice a year or every…

Jan,09 2018

Protecting Your Smile from White Spots

White spots on your teeth can be a truly confusing event. You might wonder what caused the white spots, or why the rest of your teeth aren’t that white. White spots are caused by a number of reasons, not all of which indicate a lack of oral health. Whether or not these spots mean something…